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Hi I’m Cathy Proctor.

I’m an author and digital storyteller.

I’ve worked in the storytelling industry for my whole professional career. I’ve written a number of books and for many years was a senior editor at Pan Macmillan.

I love change, progression and challenge, so in recent years to switch to digital storytelling has been an absolute revelation for me.

Even though I work in words, my passion has always been to see the final visual masterpiece of the words, images and design working together. In fact the design side of storytelling excites me as much as the words on the page.

When you work with a digital medium like a website the number of ways you can play with the final look and feel are seemingly infinite, limited only really by your imagination.

And digital is immediate! When I worked in print it seemed to take forever to see the finished work…  but now we build a complete new website in 4 weeks – so I see my work live really, really fast. I also love the fact that we can can fix mistakes and keep on tailoring the product as the client’s business evolves. We can be flexible and responsive which is very very cool.


I also love people. When we write someone’s website we get right inside their head to find out the personal and business story. It’s than a real joy to layer customer and product stories on top to deliver the final result.

That said it’s not easy. I find writing 99% perspiration 1% inspiration. I get the words down and then refine over and over and then go back and back craft and polish. As well as being inside our client’s head, I’ve also got to understand their customer and write the words in the way they want to hear.

We work with a huge variety of clients which means no two days are the same. I feel a huge responsibility to do my absolute best for each and every client and to tell their story to the very, very best of my ability.

I have a very strong work ethic and I am results driven. I like to do work that makes a difference. Our clients are very good at what they do and it’s very, very important to me that we match their high standards with ours.

The biggest satisfaction for me is when the website goes live and the power of the marriage of the visual with the words is there for all to see. I often get to go back and write the case study after a few months which is a great opportunity for me to hear first hand how the business has transformed thanks to our work.

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