HR and Finance Manager

My name is Ashleigh Hill and I am the HR and Finance Manager at Brilliant Digital.

My job is to make things tick in the background. I make the Brilliant Digital wheels turn to ensure that the team can successfully do their jobs.

I look after the hiring and recruiting.  I handle the bills, process invoices, reconcile accounts and generally make sure all the fun finance tasks are completed!

My primary focus is on ensuring that the team is really happy.

I have a varied professional background, but what really led me to this role was my work as an executive assistant at a not-for-profit company. You master a lot of skills when you work in the non-profit sector as it’s usually a small team with many tasks to juggle.

At Brilliant Digital I was first employed as an administration assistant but within six months I had moved into the HR and Finance Manager role. Thanks to Deb’s help, I’ve really been able to grow.

It’s all about the team

In my position, I help the client by focusing on our team. I make sure that the team has everything they need to do their best for the client.

For example, I order equipment if they are filming and taking photos. I am the go-to person to make sure our contractors are happy. I create and maintain relationships so that our employees can offer excellent service to our clients.

I love working at Brilliant Digital for a few reasons. One is that it’s given me the opportunity to be a working mum but not take me away from my children. They have a mother who is there for them but is also there for a team and building a career.

I love the Brilliant Digital team. I think it is the best thing about this business. We are not in it only for ourselves, we are in it for each other.

Positive relationships

The strongest value that drives me is building positive relationships. I prefer to work for a team that has each other’s back rather than a team that is only after dollars.

I also love the flexibility of working at home. It means I don’t have to throw my children out the door and into day care. I can go and talk to their teachers, have a good chat, grab a coffee and I’m still at my desk by nine in the morning.

Outside of work I love doing lots of art. That includes performing arts as well as arts and craft. I love dancing and singing, anything to express my theatrical side. I’m also a little bit of a nanna. I love my crocheting and knitting, doing arts and crafts with my kids and spending time with my family.

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