Deb Croucher

Founding Director

Hi, I’m Deb Croucher. I’m a digital storyteller and Founding Director of Brilliant Digital.

For me, the most exciting part of my role is business transformation. To turn a business around by delivering a steady flow of quality leads and sales is, quite simply, wonderful.

I also love the relationships we develop with business owners. As well as becoming an outsourced marketing department, we often become a trusted advisor on all things digital as their company grows and thrives.

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Hayley Rothery

Chief Operations Officer

Hi, my name is Hayley Rothery and I’m the Chief Operations Officer at Brilliant Digital.

My job is to make the website production process seamless, efficient and enjoyable for our clients. An important part of my role at Brilliant Digital is to coordinate our technical team.

I have a great relationship with our developers. And this means they deliver great quality work for our clients.

I love the moment a new website goes live. I feel a huge sense of pride in our team that we have worked together and delivered the final result.

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Ashleigh Hill

HR/Finance Manager

Hi, I’m Ashleigh Hill and I’m the HR & Finance Manager at Brilliant Digital.

I manage all things staff related behind the scenes, that are crucial to be able to operate a successful, happy, efficient team.

From payroll and accounts to the legalities …

I fill a role that allows the rest of the team to get on with what they do best.

My job is most enjoyable when things run efficiently and smoothly and everything is organised.

I am motivated by delivering unexpected moments of delight to the Brilliant team and our clients.

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Leah Jeffreys

Operations Assistant

Hi, I’m Leah and I work at Brilliant Digital in the Operations Team.

I do a wide variety of tasks but I mainly focus on providing technical support to the team.

So I brief the technical support team, I manage designs and updates to our clients’ websites, and social media.

I also produce SEO reports.

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Jo-Lise Finn

Chief Content Officer

Hi, I’m Jo-Lise Finn. I work for Brilliant Digital as the Chief Content Officer.

I worked for 20 years in television as a writer, editor and producer for on-air promos.

I wrote long and short form material, ads and all kinds of creative content between shows.

At Brilliant Digital we’re expert storytellers.

We narrow the focus for our clients and provide them with a good solution to telling their stories.

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Jim Vass


Hi, I’m Jim Vass and I’m the Chief Financial Officer at Brilliant Digital.

I like to help people achieve what they believe is impossible … especially in small business.

My role as CFO is to help Brilliant Digital to stay on top of financial requirements.

That includes tax compliance, payroll, bookkeeping, accounting, reporting and cash flow.

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Brilliant writers

Brilliant Digital Writing Team

Digital Storytellers

Digital storytelling is the powerhouse of digital marketing.

Stories grab attention and quickly build connection and trust.

Stories also create memorable brands.

We have years of experience and a proven track record of creating core content that gets our clients the leads they want.

Our team of writers are skilled wordsmiths with extensive experience.

We give them additional specialist training at Brilliant Digital to write for digital media.

Meet the team below.

Cathy Proctor

Senior Writer and Editor

Hi I’m Cathy Proctor.

I’m a digital storyteller at Brilliant Digital.

I come from a traditional publishing background. I am an author and editor and I worked in publishing for 15 years before I had children.

Then I was looking for something flexible and part-time where I could still be creative, which led me to Brilliant Digital.

I naturally become emotionally invested with all my clients, so when I get a great outcome for them it is absolutely the best thing in the world.

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Amelia Kiby

Digital Storyteller

Hi, I’m Amelia Kirby and I am a storyteller at Brilliant Digital.

My role is to tell stories for our clients to enable them to connect with their customers.

My background is in communications. I come from a predominantly IT environment, so I know the value of communicating effectively … how to connect with people, how you can take something technical and make it more relatable.

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Danny Pinn

Visual Storyteller

Hi, I’m Danny Pinn and I’m a visual storyteller. My team and I produce the video content for Brilliant Digital.

I have a career in television and I’ve worked with most of the studios and stations around Sydney.

And I’ve also studied TV and graphic design.

Storytelling works to connect people. It has built our civilisation.

It’s the way we communicate.

If you can tell a good story then you can really communicate with your clients. It doesn’t need to be a business-related story – it can be about what makes you tick.

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Nicole Cubbin

Digital Storyteller

Hi, my name is Nicole, and I’m a Digital Storyteller at Brilliant Digital.

I write content for our clients including blogs, newsletters, and case studies.

My background is in marketing and communications. That’s where my passion for writing has grown from.

I love writing.

I enjoy the challenge of getting a brand message out to people through storytelling.

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Sarah Joyce

Digital Storyteller

My name’s Sarah Joyce and I’m a Digital Storyteller at Brilliant Digital.

My professional background is in TV.

I was a professional writer and producer for children’s TV for about 15 years.

Storytelling works so well with our clients because it gives them a point of difference in the marketplace.

It makes what they’re doing or selling very relatable. Stories engage and instantly draw an audience in.

It also helps to foster a brand identity and bring out the personality of the client’s business.

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Sam Smith

Digital Storyteller

Hi, I’m Sam Smith. I’m a digital storyteller with a curious mind and enjoy finding the hook in a good tale.

My background is in TV and writing narration for TV programs is very much like writing for the web.

It’s very active language — essential in the work I do for our clients at Brilliant Digital.

My background is in storytelling — I can take a lot of information and pull out the best bits.

Finding the crux of the story is essential when you are marketing businesses in the digital day and age, where there is so much content on the web.

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