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Deb Jeffreys

Founding Director

Hi I’m Deb Jeffreys. I’m a digital storyteller and founding director of Brilliant Digital.

For me the most exciting part of my role is business transformation. To turn a business around by delivering a steady flow of quality leads and sales is, quite simply, wonderful.

I also love the relationships we develop with business owners. As well as becoming an outsourced marketing department, we often become a trusted advisor on all things digital as their company grows and thrives.

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David Biddle


Hi, my name is David Biddle. I’m a Director at Brilliant Digital.

I love spending my days working with visionary businesses that disrupt the status quo and change things for the better. But I also like to do things right. So old fashioned values like honesty, integrity, reliability and tenacity are crucial to me too.

Right now, in today’s digital age, I believe we’re in the middle of the biggest business shake up since the Industrial Revolution. It’s a great opportunity for established businesses to embrace change and get ahead of their competition.

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Nicola Elkington

Digital Marketing Manager

Hi, my name is Nicola Elkington and I’m a Digital Marketing Manager here at Brilliant Digital.

I work with our clients after their new website goes live. I make sure we deliver the right amount of the right traffic to our clients’ sites so that it delivers the volume of quality leads they are looking for.

I do this by managing search engine optimization, Google and Facebook advertising (including retargeting), blogs and social media strategy.

I form the point of contact and bridge through to the Brilliant Digital team of writers, designers, developers and search experts.

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Hayley Rothery

Senior Operations Manager

Hi, my name is Hayley Rothery and I’m the Senior Operations Manager at Brilliant Digital.

My job is to make the website production process seamless, efficient and enjoyable for our clients.

An important part of my role at Brilliant Digital is to coordinate our technical team. I have a great relationship with our developers. And this means they deliver great quality work for our clients.

I love the moment a new website goes live. I feel a huge sense of pride in our team that we have worked together and delivered the final result.

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Ashleigh Hill

HR/Accounting Manager

Hi, I’m Ashleigh Hill and I’m the HR/Accounting Manager at The Brilliant Group.

My role is to assist The Brilliant Group team in delivering excellent service to our clients.

I am an experienced Executive Assistant having worked in both the legal and non-for-profit sectors. I like to think these roles have taught me to be extremely efficient with a big heart.

I take pleasure in creating systems and processes that flow seamlessly. I am constantly trying to figure out a better, more efficient way. My husband fondly refers to me as an ‘neat freak’.

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Brilliant Digital Writing Team

Digital Storytellers

Digital storytelling is the powerhouse of digital marketing. Stories grab attention and quickly build connection and trust. Stories also create memorable brands.

We have years of experience and a proven track record of creating core content that gets our clients the leads they want. Our team of writers are skilled wordsmiths with extensive experience. We give them specialist additional training at Brilliant Digital to write for digital media.

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