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Hi, my name is David Biddle. I’m a Director at Brilliant Digital.

I’m fired up every day by creating and working with visionary businesses that disrupt the status quo and change things for the better.

But I also like to do things right. So old fashioned values like honesty, integrity, reliability and tenacity are crucial to me too.

My whole career has been in service business.

I owned a successful event production company in the UK for 15 years delivering large conferences for major blue chip corporates throughout Europe. Working alongside some inspirational business leaders in a highly creative environment was a joy and a privilege.

However, I believe in business just being creative and inspirational is not enough

My events business was successful because we were creative and challenged the status quo… AND because we also took the time to do things right.

I carefully implemented the systems and processes we needed to grow a successful business.

Attention to detail was paramount… and this became part of our culture underpinning everything we did.

The way we staged our events, worked as a team and the professionalism of our suppliers were all perfectly aligned with our core values – and this was just as important as the impact of the creative work we produced.

Being good at what you do is no longer enough… I believe service businesses must embrace change

Right now, in today’s digital age, I believe we’re in the middle of the biggest business shake up since the Industrial Revolution. And I don’t understand why so many traditional service businesses seem to be fighting change rather than embracing it.

I often meet service professionals doggedly insisting that they don’t need a digital strategy because their business growth has to be based on referral… and then I see them struggling to attract the new business they want. Believe me… there’s a better way.

I’m also very aware that some digital agencies don’t deliver on their promises and let customers down. This has tarnished the reputation of the digital marketing industry. I’m driven to change this perception – bringing my core values to this space and delivering end-to-end strategic solutions for all our clients.

The team we’ve built at Brilliant Digital and the processes we’ve implemented are awesome. Our core values underline everything we do. They allow us to ride the wave of change and push the boundaries of what’s possible… while also making sure things are ‘done right’. It’s such an exciting and positive space to work in and every day I make a difference. That’s a pretty cool job in my eyes!

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