Taylor Shackleton, Project Manager

Professional juggling

I am always looking 10 steps ahead. Part of my personality is that I never just look at what’s in front of me. I look at all the potential options and the consequences and variations of each one. I’m a nightmare to play board games with, but it does make me a good project manager!!

Before joining Brilliant Digital, I was an intelligence analyst for immigration detention services. My role was to determine the likelihood of violence or potential reoffending.

Basically, my job was to predict what was likely to happen in future scenarios, how people would react and put solutions in place to protect people and minimise harm.

And that’s what I do here at Brilliant Digital as well. I look at my clients, their businesses and their digital marketing. I find all the areas that need protecting or strengthening and I ensure we implement a solution to protect our clients and prevent harm to their companies.

I juggle our clients’ current needs with coming opportunities and I future-proof their businesses as I go. I do it so automatically now, I’ve usually got it sorted before anyone realises that there might have potentially been an issue.

I take the worry away from my clients. They know I’ve got everything covered.

A strategic mind

I am definitely a right-brained creature. I am very strategic in the way I think. I’m interested in workflows, processes and efficiency. Attention to detail is as important as being able to see the big picture. I believe you need both to gain an accurate understanding of what’s going on.

Always learning

There is so much I enjoy about working with Brilliant Digital. A huge aspect of that is that it is such a fast-moving environment. Nothing is stagnant and no two days are the same.
We are always learning, discovering and exploring – be it a new technology, strategy or functionality.

No one rests on the accolades of their last project. Everyone is always looking at how we can combine our expertise to achieve more. We hold the view that each client deserves something unique, individually tailored to their business.

True flexibility

Working with Deb Croucher is inspiring. She’s a pioneer in flexible working options in Australia. Brilliant Digital is at the forefront of a future-ready industry defying the traditional 9-5, and it’s exciting to be a part of that.

I wasn’t looking for work when I saw this role. But after researching the company, I realised this was an opportunity I just couldn’t pass up.

I know everyone says this, but the flexibility in this role has changed my life. I have the freedom to work at the times I am most focused and energetic. My time is much more productive, which is better for my clients’ pockets.

I spend time on my clients instead of sitting in traffic and I am there to see my baby daughter grow into a little personality of her own. I honestly did not realise that all that was possible.

A balanced life

I’m interested in nutrition and I love to cook.

I really enjoy pottering around the kitchen. I get excited when I manage to create something delicious that’s also healthy – when my family are scoffing down a meal I’ve created, telling me they love it, and I know I’ve secretly stuffed a heap of extra vegetables in there.

I love that I have the time to do that, and I’m not rushing home to feed them something quickly before my daughter needs to go to bed. That balance and that time to make healthy choices make for a better me at work and at home. It’s just a better quality of life.

Brilliant Digital actively promotes a healthy work-life balance and is a strong advocate of self-care. It’s great to be able to prioritise that and not feel guilty about it.

It’s a good day when I know I’ve been really productive and made my clients’ lives run smoothly and when my family is healthy and happy. I can sit back with a glass of wine and know I’ve done a good job all round.

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