Taran Singh Chawla

Taran Chawla, Project Manager

Sometimes the right person arrives at the perfect time.

When Brilliant Digital took off, no one was quite prepared for its swift success. And, as the development team’s workflow rapidly increased, it became clear that there needed to be one person who could take care of every single detail. Someone who could make sure every job met the promised time frames, that each job was of the highest quality and was well documented and that there was clear communication every step of the way.

But who?

Meet Taran Chawla. She’s a management professional, an MBA and PhD in Business Studies with industry and teaching experience. She’s also the project manager for Brilliant Digital who calmly keeps all the many projects whirring along smoothly to time and to budget.


Taran already had very high standards before she joined Brilliant Digital but says that working here has “made me a perfectionist as we try to deliver nothing but the best!” She loves working with the team at Brilliant Digital where “everyone is super good at whatever they do. You get to learn a lot as each team member has a different expertise.”

Taran lives for being a Project Manager. She loves the thrill of a successful site launch when a project goes absolutely perfectly into cyberspace. It’s a satisfaction that’s exciting every time.

When she’s not working, Taran loves to cook good food, read books, watch movies and shop. She’s happily married to Davneet Chawla, making them a truly brilliant digital couple!

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