Sunny Panjwani

Digital Marketing Executive

Sunny by name and very sunny by nature, Sunny Panjwani is one of the key members of the Brilliant Digital SEO team.

He’s got a professional background in AdWords. So, think of him as a finely honed wordsmith who works out which words will best drive traffic to your site. It’s a highly refined science, which Sunny is very adept in. He specialises in SEM, Facebook, brand awareness and SEO. It’s the science behind digital ad placement, meaning that all your ads reach the right people every time.

Sunny considers Digital Brilliant to be like one big family. He loves the complete honesty and dedication that’s given to every client and employees. He especially loves his team who are all as talented and dedicated as he is.

Sunny is vastly talented, having a degree in engineering and also owning his own business. But nothing gives him satisfaction like digital marketing: “I find my inner peace when doing it.”

And don’t worry, Sunny isn’t planning on leaving anytime soon. “I love this organisation and it is my intention that this be the last place I work.”

When Sunny’s not making his clients smile, he likes to surf the net, listen to music or enjoy the company of his newborn baby.

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