Any successful website needs these key ingredients

Posted by Lani Fouche | November 23, 2021

Sadly, there are many, many website design companies out there that claim they’ll build you a beautiful and successful website for a couple of thousand dollars.

Sounds tempting, right? Too many of our current clients have burnt money this way before.

If you are not aware of the key elements that make a website truly effective and brilliant, it’s easy to fall into the trap of ‘the cheaper the better’.

We’ve been building different kinds of websites – simple websites, business websites and eCommerce websites – for clients across all industries Australia-wide long enough to know exactly which ingredients a good website cannot go without.

If you incorporate these, we guarantee you’ll see sustained business growth. And that’s why you can’t use ‘cheap’ and ‘successful website’ in the same sentence.

Ingredient 1: Solid strategy

If you want an effective website that acts like your hardest-working employee, it needs to start with a solid plan. You need the help of professionals to define a bulletproof digital strategy and craft a strong brand message that the pages on your website can then bring to life.

Doing a deep dive into your business goals and analysing your market is a great start at refining a strategy for your website build. Other important elements of strategic planning are competitor analysis, crafting your brand voice, unpacking your target market persona and articulating what your unique value proposition (UVP) is for them.

This might be difficult to achieve if you’re consumed by the day-to-day running of your business. A digital strategy consultant can help to lift your head up to see the helicopter view, and to apply that towards a solid strategy for your website.

Ingredient 2: User experience

UX (user experience) or user journey are terms often loosely and frequently used in the world of web design.

But we can’t stress how important this is. In simple terms, it looks at how easy your website is to navigate.

Building a great UX for your website cannot be ‘slotted in’ during a cheap, off-the-shelf website build project.

You can only achieve this alongside a solid brand strategy, and hand-in-hand with compelling content and great SEO (more about that later).

You must carefully consider UX in the planning phase – before web design starts. And it’s something your digital marketing agency must pay close attention to – otherwise Google will quickly realise that your website is too difficult to navigate and penalise you for it. (Yikes!)

Ingredient 3: Quality coding

Unfortunately, quality coding is NOT something your website will have when you pay the cheapest price possible.

Instead, the guts of your website will have what we call in the industry ‘spaghetti code’… meaning the source code used to develop your website is messy, without strategy and will be difficult to maintain.

If the code is messy, your website will be hard to work on and it will not run properly for the end-user. Maintaining your website and fixing bugs are expensive, so bad quality coding will cost you a lot of money. It will also be impossible for your website to rank on search engines, no matter how pretty it is to look at or how interesting it is to read.

It’s crucial that your website developer uses quality coding right from the beginning. This takes time and high-level expertise, which is why cheap websites just won’t cut it.

Ingredient 4: Intentional design

When we talk about website design, we don’t just refer to pretty colours and beautiful fonts. Professional website designers who are worth their salt will know how to interpret the strategic brief to come up with an intentional design for your website that appeals to your market and brings out the best in your business.

Furthermore, a good website designer knows how to create space for the words and use the white space optimally.

The design of your website is directly related to setting a good (or bad) first impression. When a new user opens your website for the first time, how does the page ‘talk’ to them? What does it tell them about your business within the first three seconds?

Although not the same thing, website design touches on the quality of your website content, too. Certain web design elements affect the way readers interact with the content on your website… and directly affect SEO (search engine optimisation).

Ultimately, your website designer needs to work alongside the brand strategist, writer, project manager, developer and client manager to bring your website to life. If any single element of that team is missing, the whole process could fall apart.

Ingredient 5: Killer content

Now, we’re going to hit you with the hard truth: Unless you’re a trained digital content producer with knowledge of SEO and best practices… you shouldn’t be touching the content on your website.

Why does content matter so much for your website?

  • Google loves quality content and it loves websites that regularly update their content.
  • Every touchpoint you have with a prospect is an opportunity to build trust and demonstrate your expertise and capability.
  • Content that is engaging will further build on the relationship you have with each and every one of your clients.
  • There are certain elements of your UVP that must shine through the content on targeted pages on your website. Getting this right means a great user experience and fantastic reader engagement.

Weaving a strong brand message through your content is a skill. Find a professional content creator who knows how to look at the overall picture to ensure that every content piece they write for your website builds on your brand story to strengthen your position on the market.

Ingredient 6: SEO (Search engine optimisation)

SEO, in short, is anything you do – any form of improvement or optimisation – to increase the quality and quantity of traffic to your website. It’s all your efforts to tell Google that YOU are the authority in your field and it needs to send users to your website to solve their problems.

SEO is a golden thread that goes through each element of your website… not just the content.

You can have the most beautiful website with interesting content and a great user experience. But if your on-page SEO and technical SEO are not up to scratch, your potential clients won’t easily find you online.

Working with a digital solutions provider who truly understands this and has a track record of successfully implementing SEO will propel your website towards success.

Ingredient 7: Using a website company with a track record

You’ve seen them all over the place – dozens of companies or individuals that claim to build a killer website for an unbeatable price.

If it’s unclear whether these websites have generated any leads, this should be a major red flag. Ask the hard questions – insist to see results before you spend money on a fly-by-night web developer.

As a full-service digital agency, our results speak for themselves… and our clients agree. And we might even go as far as to say at Brilliant Digital we have a kick-ass team of digital solutions experts who are the very best at what they do.

Contact us today to discuss your website build needs.

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