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When Water Filters Australia (WFA) co-founder, Robert Davidson, contacted the team at Brilliant Digital about building a new website he had been wanting to build a new website and get into social media for over 2 years.

“I had already approached some other digital marketers who just wanted to build us a website. But it was just a website, full stop. They weren’t going to write the content for us or manage our social media, and for me, that wasn’t giving us what we needed. A fundamental problem is that many website people think the website is the be all and end all – but it is just the door in.

“We needed to work with a company who understood our strategy to focus on and target our key areas of business growth…a company who knew how to help us get to these people via both our website and social media.

“We also wanted to work with a team of digital marketing experts who would become an integral part of our business.”

A website that works as part of an overall business strategy

It was an interview in Peninsular Living that first bought Deb and rest of the team at Brilliant Digital to Robert’s attention.  

“The way the article was written really interested me, because it talked about Brilliant Digital’s company culture. In the article Deb explained that most companies sell you the website without content but Brilliant Digital actually write the content for you and deliver a whole product that’s going to work. I hoped this was not just another web-based company who develop your website and then say thanks very much, but I decided to make the call.

“We went in for an initial meeting with Deb and she didn’t just talk about just developing a website and charging a fortune.

“There’s a million people out there who can build a new website but to me our website is just one part of our overall strategy. Deb understood that while our new website was a crucial hub, it was only one part of our ongoing business strategy and we needed to work with a team who would be part of that strategy.

“At the end of the initial meeting we walked out and we all said, wow, this is worth a really good look.

“We were completely astonished at what they could do!”

A team of specialists who would partner with us

After the initial meeting with Brilliant Digital, the next step in the WFA website build was a strategy meeting where Deb and one of their content writers sat down with key WFA team members to nut out the strategy, the core messages and structure of the new website and clearly identify the target market.

Because WFA sell a huge range of filter systems the Brilliant Digital writers also took the time to visit the call centre and warehouse to ensure they fully understood the range of products on offer and the type of questions the call centre staff faced on a daily basis about the water filter systems.

In the meantime, the Brilliant Digital coding team and designers were creating step one of the website: the front end.

“The process of building the website has been really smooth and we’re thrilled with not only how it looks but also with the ease of navigation. I know myself if I go into a website and it’s just too hard I go back out again. Ease of navigation was something we really needed because we have a lot of products.

“Phase two of the website is getting the shopping cart right and that requires a lot of coding. The Brilliant Digital team are building our website in stages and they are taking the time to do it properly. At no stage in the build have we ever felt rushed.

“Working with Brilliant Digital has been fantastic because they work how all companies should work, I think. They have specialists in every area and we are beginning to partner with them very much.

“And I intend to make that partnership grow.”

The importance of social media

“Before I met the team at Brilliant Digital we had been wanting to get into social media for 2 years but we were dinosaurs when it came to social media and our lack of knowledge meant we were at a loss as to how to do it.

“We’d developed a WFA Facebook page but we didn’t know what to do with it. We had a whole 37 likes, all of which were all staff or friends of staff!”

Rob knew one of the main problems WFA was facing was that the whole filter market segment is based on technology benefit, but it is a consumer product. They had the technical specs on their old website but there was no focus on the consumer benefits and they needed a website and social media to bring it back to a consumer benefit.

“You don’t wake up in the morning thinking I want to buy a water filter. But you will if you realise it makes a better coffee or a better sodastream. We have to show them, and this is where social media comes in.

“What I can’t understand is so many people spend so much time looking at their food preparation and yet they’ll serve your meal with a glass of chlorine-flavoured tap water, even in a restaurant. People are also buying bottled water as an alternative to soft drink but they’re not comfortable with environmental impacts of bottled water—filtered water is a win/win for their health and budget.”


Partnering with our staff

When WFA were looking to employ someone to manage their social media they knew it was important to have someone located in their office working closely with their staff as part of the WFA team.

“I said to Deb I really don’t know who to interview and surely you know someone who can work on our business? I wondered if we could further partner with Brilliant Digital by sharing staff and Deb suggested one of her content writers, Sam, would be a good fit. I was very comfortable with that idea because we are using people with different skills in an area we haven’t got a clue about!”

“Sam now comes in a couple of days a week to write our newsletters and blogs and to manage our Facebook page. She’s even set up an Instagram account for us and now people can go on the website and follow our blogs. She understands how to appeal to our consumers but it’s not in a technical way. They’re really well written and we’re all really happy.

“It’s a great comfort factor for us all because initially when I was trying to get staff into social media there was a great deal of reluctance because no one understood it. We knew we should be in it but we didn’t really understand how to do it. When there’s a lack of understanding people are very scared.

“Working with Brilliant Digital has opened my eyes even more as to how social media can be effectively utilised.”

A partnership that will continue to grow with our business

One of WFA’s most valuable assets is their call centre and particularly their call centre staff who pride themselves on their level of customer service and who each have their own customer base. Many of the call centre staff have an invaluable wealth of knowledge, having worked at WFA for many years.

“Right from the initial meeting, working with Brilliant Digital has make it a lot clearer how to develop WFA and it has also helped us focus on the key areas of our business.

“This new website is a way of growing our business without having a massive industrial call centre, which is not only expensive, but it also means you end up losing control. We don’t work like that and it’s not part of our company culture. Our new Brilliant Digital website means we can hold on to our current staff with their extensive knowledge and relationships with customers while also growing our business the way we want to through our website, by using social media to target our prime areas of business.

“A big part of our strategy is to bring WFA back to the key areas of business growth we were good at. We’ve been looking at strategy how we streamline, get back to the roots of the business we originally started from 16 years ago and Brilliant Digital is helping us to achieve this by not only supporting these people through our website but more importantly enabling us to partner with like products that will benefit our business.

“I’m really looking forward to the next stage of our strategy when we move to our new premises so we can concentrate on core segments of the business and bring all our team on one floor. We’ll be driving the business even more through social media, which will be really fantastic.”

“There’s a huge element of trust in our partnership with Brilliant Digital. We wanted people we could work with who would also became an integral part of our business.

“I haven’t had one moment of doubt since we’ve been working with Brilliant Digital and my staff all speak very highly of Brilliant Digital. I can only see our relationship growing stronger.”


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