Tamaruke gets Astronomical Leads since Go-Live with Brilliant Digital

Tamaruke owner Charlotte McGrath had fallen into the trap 4 or 5 times of engaging with ‘so-called marketing professionals’ who promised SEO success, strong leads, and marketing for her website and business who then failed to deliver.

‘I was relying on social media and word of mouth and I’d had numerous websites over the years but I was clutching at straws and still struggling to get a foothold in my industry. I had a lack of leads and a stale, complicated unprofessional website in a style I didn’t like…

‘A friend recommended Brilliant Digital, but admittedly at that time, I was wary, coming from a background where I had been burned.

‘When I first engaged with Deb and David at The Brilliant Group, it was for a dual purpose; to improve my website and digital marketing, and to sell my business and property.

‘Together we strategized on how best to move forward, and they suggested building a new trading website first and then shortly afterwards launch a bespoke ‘For Sale’ website to promote the business for sale.”

Listening, understanding and on point advice

For over 25 years, Tamaruke have purpose bred and developed generations of Tamarukes, the dog you expect from a labrador/poodle cross, but unique enough to be considered their own breed.  

‘We have a very unique business at Tamaruke, often not very well understood. The first thing I discovered with Deb and David is that they were so willing to learn and listen, and really get to know and understand my business, before then offering advice, which was always so on point.

Only when they fully understood my business did they came up with a strategy to carry my marketing forward. They were very nurturing and showed me so much respect, which you don’t often find.’

Time to focus on the business

‘Managing my digital marketing in the past was a constant challenge.

‘I had to keep abreast of the requirements to get exposure, and I was very limited by the facilities on my website.

‘I was using social media, but I knew there was more I could be doing.

‘SEO and SEM are important tools but you can be taken advantage of.’

‘With Brilliant Digital, I don’t spend much time at all on my marketing! It just churns away, the new design is so workable, I don’t need to make frequent edits, it just takes care of itself. And that leaves me to address the escalation in the business which is astronomical…’

Targeted marketing for the right leads

‘Since we launched the new website and marketing there has been a massive escalation of enquiries from potential puppy owners. But we’ve also reached a larger audience.

‘I now have customers from 18 countries and counting… and the target demographic the marketing draws to the site is spot on. I don’t want to waste people’s time.

‘I would think the enquiries in my inbox have escalated 30-35%. The international clients can’t often visit, so the storytelling presentation Brilliant Digital prepared for the website was of such a great benefit…

‘I struggle to articulate the value of having met the Brilliant Group and becoming involved with them on a business level.’

According to Deb Croucher Jeffreys, ‘The trick to successful marketing is to tell the story of a business in a way that an ideal customer can understand and emotionally connect with. Charlotte and Tamaruke is a great story. We told a great story well and shared it with the right people.’

A leap of faith that paid off

‘I went into the relationship with Brilliant Digital having had promises made and not delivered before.

‘During the design phase when we were collating information and data I became aware that they were being not just obviously diligent, crossing their Ts and dotting their Is, but also they were making sure that I was happy;  I started to realise that they were already delivering on their promises – and the proof was in the pudding.’

‘Their service is very personal, they are very interested in what their clients do, which is of great benefit to what they do in return. The team is very approachable, trustworthy, honest and open.’

Singing from the rooftops!

‘The whole team at Brilliant Digital has been knowledgeable, professional and engaging.

‘They are easy to speak to. We meet as needed which is just right.

‘The outcome is, that as a client, I want to sing from the rooftops about how successful it’s been!

‘I went into this relationship quite guarded, but was thrilled with the outcome.’

‘Brilliant Digital are adaptable and have the right skill set to deliver on their promises, within any industry. My relationship with Brilliant Digital is a true partnership.’

The Proof is in the pudding

A contact form blitz

There are a number of contact forms on Tamaruke website, one for each of the different ways to own a puppy – as a companion, a guardian (for puppies that return to produce litters), Paddy Melon mini Tamarukes, and therapy dogs. Including the homepage contact form, there have been almost 2000 enquiries in the first 5 months since go-live – a fantastic result.

Site visits from June to November 2017

The new website has had 23,719 visitors in its first 5 months, driven to the site by a strategic combination of search engine optimisation, targeted Google and Facebook advertising and re-marketing. And of course the website converts really well thanks to great storytelling content.

web visit

Ready for sale

The other component of Charlotte’s relationship with The Brilliant Group was the intention of selling her business and property, which went on the market in July.

She is in an excellent position, thanks to the growth of her business on the back of a very successful marketing strategy.

‘The level of enquiry is a clear indicator to potential buyers that they are purchasing a business with an existing lead generation machine.

‘With an optimised separate business sales site, and a strategic digital marketing campaign, we are generating leads that will result in the right buyer with the same passion as Charlotte to continue the breed’, says Brilliant Group’s David Biddle.

Charlotte continues, ‘David and Deb have nursed me along in that process, gently advising me all the way.  I have felt confident to ask questions, and I have taken the liberty of asking for advice ongoing, not only in preparing the business for sale, but also with the website and social media and monitoring – all that advice has been so valuable.’

Looking to the future

‘David and Deb have advised me on the expected duration and involvement that would be required and are nurturing me through that phase.  Despite my passion for the business, I don’t want to linger too long after the sale and I’m very comfortable with the advice I’m receiving about that process.’

‘In the future, I’m looking forward to consultancy work for reproduction and animal behaviour- those have always been areas of interest, but I haven’t had the time or opportunity to focus on them while running Tamaruke.’

It’s a great position to be in

‘I feel so satisfied with the outcome of my digital marketing, I’d like to tell as many people as possible. So many people suffer detrimentally from bad marketing, and are left paying the bill.’

‘I was paying exorbitant money for people to do my digital marketing for our business and it wasn’t successful.  So you’d go to the next person someone recommends and try them and 6 months down the track, nothing has been delivered, and your business hasn’t changed or expanded.’

‘Then you’re 5 or 6 years down the track with no results. My success with Brilliant Digital has happened in such a short time… We met in April and my new website was live by early June.

‘The whole team at Tamaruke is seeing the change with the growth – we receive hundreds of email enquiries, we have put on extra staff, team members are stepping up – it doesn’t matter how many puppies we produce, we can’t keep up with demand! It’s a great position to be in.’

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