New Website Delivers Over 50% of Business in Just Under 6 Months


Linda and Tony Fitzgerald, owners of ATOS Framing didn’t realise just how poorly their previous website had been performing until their brand new website built by Brilliant Digital went live in March this year.

In just 6 months from going live, their new Brilliant Digital website is now:

  •         delivering over 50% of all their new business!
  •         consistently on page one of Google
  •         targeting and delivering more of the clients Atos Framing enjoy working with
  •         delivering a superb return on investment
  •         making their existing and new clients aware of the full range of services Atos Framing delivers
  •         fully mobile responsive

And the team from Brilliant Digital continue to work with Linda and Tony with a targeted social media campaign that evolves from month to month and continues to deliver new leads to the website every week.

A Team Who Offers Ongoing Support

For Linda, the ongoing social media and marketing support provided by Brilliant Digital has been invaluable.

“To be honest,” says Linda, “I found Facebook and social media, in general, really scary. I didn’t have the time to do it myself, I didn’t understand it and I didn’t realise how important it was in growing my business.

“The team at Brilliant Digital have been amazing, but it is Nicola, in particular, who has really helped us with this aspect of our business. She understands what we need, when we need it and where and how we should market Atos Framing.

“Which means I can get on with what I do best–running my framing business.”

A Website that is Constantly Evolving

“Because our website is flexible and responsive we can use it, in conjunction with social media, to showcase what we can offer for various seasonal events,” says Linda.

“This enables us to target both new and existing clients, letting them know of services they may not have realised we provide, such as framing jerseys for the end of the football season, medal mounting for ANZAC day, innovative Father’s day gifts including framing children’s artworks, or even mounting and presentation of HSC visual art major works.”

“Nicola is always available to help at the end of the phone and she regularly pops in with really creative ideas for targeted marketing campaigns, which we can trust Brilliant Digital look after end-to-end.”

A Website that Frees Up Our Time

Perhaps the most unexpected bonus of Atos Framing’s new website is the way that it acts as a ‘virtual showroom’ for their vast range of services and products.

“Because we work in such a visual industry using a website is just perfect to showcase our products,” says Linda. “Our website frees up so much of my time because customers can see for themselves the range of services we provide. And while every job is unique, our website is now able to answer a lot of the frequently asked questions.

“We no longer have to be constantly on the phone explaining what we can do—our website showcases and explains everything simply and clearly. And we can update it anytime we like, adding in new images of recent work we’ve done.

“The email contact form at the bottom of each page makes it simple and easy for customers to contact us at any time of the day and it makes it convenient for us to get back to them as quickly as possible.

“At Atos Framing we pride ourselves not only on our expertise, and the quality and attention to detail of our work, but also on our fast turnaround times. Our website frees up our time off the phone, enabling us to deliver the same high standard of work in a shorter period of time.”

A Website Company We Knew We Could Trust to Deliver

Linda and Tony personally invest a lot into every job they do, so they wanted to work with a digital marketing team that did the same.

But Linda was initially extremely nervous of investing more money in a website.

“My previous website company just left me in limbo. There was no ongoing support, no help with social media or marketing. I knew I needed a new website, but didn’t know who I could trust.

“However when my friend and work colleague, Gordon Lang, from Northern Beaches Printing/Docmaster, told me what a wonderful job Brilliant Digital had done with their new website, as well as the return on investment he was enjoying, I felt I could trust the Brilliant Digital team.

“At Atos Framing we’re now also enjoying a similar return on investment and new business is coming in via the website every day. But best of all, the Brilliant Digital team are continuing to work with me to showcase and grow our business.

“And for every Google search for Northern Beaches framing we are consistently coming up in the top 3 spots on page 1 of Google—an absolutely fantastic result!”

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