How The Conscious Farmer website continues to deliver

Since Brilliant Digital’s first steps into working with The Conscious Farmer in 2015, their website continues to deliver great results for Kirrily and Derek Blomfield. Since we last caught up with them, their advertising results have achieved sky-rocketing success.

“We’ve seen clicks to The Conscious Farmer website increase by 75% for the search term ‘Australian grass-fed beef’ – it’s a huge difference!”

So how does the Brilliant Digital team continue to work with The Conscious Farmer to build a quality website that delivers a continual stream of warm leads?

A clear and ongoing strategy

A clear and ongoing strategy

One of the reasons why Kirrily and Derek chose Brilliant Digital to create The Conscious Farmer website is because of the confidence they had in Brilliant Digital to create a great website that attracted warm leads.

“I came across Brilliant Digital on a webinar from the NSW Business Chamber and it was right at the time that we were choosing who would build The Conscious Farmer website.

Not being in the IT world made it challenging for me to know what companies were saying in regards to making our site searchable and ranking well on Google,” says Kirrily.

“When I saw Deb Croucher speaking for Brilliant Digital, she explained the behind-the-scenes and that made me confident that they can do what they were saying and it made me understand the process better.

It was the amount of detail and information that Deb gave at the webinar that gave me the confidence that they can build a great website and get us out there for people to learn about our product.

After our website was built, they continued to work together with us on our social media, SEO and all aspects of our digital marketing.

We were considering trying to do it ourselves, but we’re just so glad we decided to work with Brilliant Digital.”

Understanding the ethics of our business

Understanding the ethics of our business

Another element that stood out to Kirrily and Derek was Brilliant Digital’s willingness to understand The Conscious Farmer’s business and the ethics that they ascribe to.

“Brilliant Digital really wanted to understand the ethics of our business before they went about telling us what we should do. They really wanted to understand the business first and that was really important to me because then I believe you’re going to get the message right when you go out to your customers.

They really understand who we are, our products and our beef hampers, as well as how we produce them. Because they’ve taken great care to understand our brand, we’re successfully ranking well and customers can find us organically.”

A hands-on approach to digital marketing

A hands-on approach to digital marketing

Kirrily and Derek now have regular monthly meetings with Hayley Rothery, who helps them with their SEO (search engine optimisation), Google and Facebook advertising (including remarketing), blogs and social media strategy.

“We just love working with Hayley,” says Kirrily. “Every month she reviews our digital marketing strategy and delivers a report that makes it easy for us to identify our monthly digital marketing spend and see the exact return on investment it’s delivering. We can really see the incredible value of our digital marketing.”

Kirrily and Derek have seen a 75% increase in organic traffic to The Conscious Farmer website for the search term ‘Australian grass fed beef’.

Their organic traffic has also increased by 27% and conversions by 14.8%.

Targeting customers who care about the same things we care about

Targeting customers who care about the same things we care about

“Brilliant Digital’s marketing strategy has allowed us to reach more of our desired clients, because we can now tailor our digital marketing strategy to things we know our customers care about – their health and the health of their family.

Our business provides chemical-free, grass-fed beef from our farm straight to families in mixed-cut hampers. Our customers love coming to us because they can ask us questions about our products and verify any information we give them. Because our customers know what’s happening in our production, they feel comfortable and confident with our products.”

The Conscious Farmer website has also allowed clients from all over Australia to get to know Kirrily and Derek and find out more about their products.

“The other day I had a customer contact me about buying some ‘premium’ cuts of meat. He had a lot of questions and he ended up buying the slow cooking cuts instead, because I’d explained to him the benefits of slow cooking for his health. Every cut of meat can be a great cut of meat… as long as you know how to cook it properly. Our customers want to learn how to cook every part of an animal, and I love being able to help educate them through our website, via my blogs and recipes.”

A variety of flexible digital strategies

A variety of flexible digital strategies

Working with Google Ads, and both Facebook advertising and remarketing, has also provided The Conscious Farmer with the flexibility and nimbleness to reach a variety of target audiences, as well as focus on specific and seasonal issues every month.

“Google Ads have been performing really well for us and our organic reach has also improved since our new website went live.

With our investment in SEO and targeted Facebook advertising over the last few months, we have seen a 600% increase in sales!

Recently we’ve been sending emails to our new customers asking for feedback on their first hamper and seeing if they’re ready to order again.

We’ve made a few tweaks in terms of packaging, based on customer feedback we’ve received via these emails or the website. And as our website allows us to reach more people, we can deliver further and more frequently. We now deliver to many more areas around Australia, including Brisbane/SE Queensland, Sydney, Canberra, rural NSW… even Melbourne.”

Kirrily and Derek are thrilled to see that their online business is continually growing and providing new opportunities.

“People learn about our products and our beef hampers through our website. We’re completely reliant on people coming across us through the web. The website advertising that Brilliant Digital has done has given us so much exposure. It’s been immensely helpful.”

Delivering a skill set we don’t have

Delivering a skill set we don’t have

“Working with Brilliant Digital is a wonderful ongoing partnership.

Their team wrote new core content, designed and built a new site for us and have guided us on digital marketing, including the best way to blog and write newsletters.

Brilliant Digital’s knowledge of a variety of skill sets that we just don’t have has relieved us of a lot of pressure. They’re proactive on our behalf and it’s been a huge relief.

I love that when there’s some little tweak that needs to happen with our website, they’re not charging us for every little minute that they spend doing it.

They are constantly tweaking and updating along the way. At the end of the day, working with Brilliant Digital has freed up our time so we can focus on our farm and our family. We have the peace of mind that our website and ongoing digital marketing are working for us 24/7 and steadily growing our business.

The Brilliant Digital team is highly skilled and professional, but they’re also fun to work with and never stuffy. We love our website, our customers love our website… and at the end of the day, it’s just one less thing to worry about.”

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