700% increase in orders in one month

Conscious Farmers Kirrily and Derek Blomfield knew in their hearts that digital marketing was the way forward for their business, but were nervous about finding the right team to help them.

They were holding back because they were unsure about the claims being made by search engine optimisation (SEO) specialists.

They also felt somewhat uneducated about social media and didn’t want to take a wrong turn.

Their hesitancy left them relying on word of mouth to promote their business, resulting in inconsistent and patchy sales figures and slow growth. “All we had was a basic Landing Page and a Facebook presence. Most of our exposure was coming from the Food Festivals we attended in the region,” says Kirrily.

Travelling around the region was time consuming for both Kirrily and Derek and took them away from their passion of growing nourishing, grass fed beef. While they love the contact with their customers, they had to spend a lot of one-on-one time explaining the benefits of their product which was also a drain on their precious time.

Brilliant Digital delivered

We always wanted to have a much better online presence and we knew what SEO was, but it was really difficult to validate the claims many of the SEO companies were making. We just wanted a website that converted to sales well and one that also searched well.” added Kirrily.

 “We came across Deb Jeffreys speaking at the New South Wales Chamber of Commerce. She spoke about using SEO to market your website. She described a clear strategy.”

“I could see that Brilliant Digital could deliver on all the areas we were concerned about. Deb put together a customised digital strategy for our business. She really understood not only what our needs were, but the goals that we as a farming family were trying to achieve.”

“We went live with a new site in February 2016 and since we invested in SEO and targeted Facebook advertising over the last few months we have seen a significant increase in sales.

A successful partnership with genuinely nice people

Working with Brilliant Digital is wonderful. The team wrote new core content, designed and built a new site for us and have guided us on the best way to blog and write newsletters. The teams’ knowledge has relieved us of a lot of pressure.  The team always explain their requirements clearly and they give us honest feedback when they think aspects of the blog need improving,” says Kirrily.

It feels like they are partners with us because they are constantly making little tweaks to the site. They are genuinely nice people.

One-on-one personal interviews by Deb allowed Brilliant Digital to write authentic copy about The Conscious Farmer. Those who know the Blomfield family, who have been farming for more than seventy years, have commented positively on the quality of the website. “The team encouraged us to use a lot of authentic images to truly represent the business.

We didn’t want to use ordinary stock images, so Deb encouraged us to take the images ourselves. A friend helped us and the images of our farm and beef are perfect,” says Kirrily.

Extraordinary results

The challenges of translating the vision of The Conscious Farmer to an online platform were translated into fantastic results by the Brilliant Digital team.  It wasn’t long before a steady stream of visitors to the site converted into sales.

There has been a dramatic increase in sales from the site. In a short period we have seen a massive spike. Traffic in May was up by 400% and that delivered 42 new customers. That’s a 700% increase in one month.

Thanks to our new website, which is now our shop window to the world, new customers can easily understand our unique product,” says Kirrily.

By working with Brilliant Digital, The Conscious Farmer now has a website that:

  • clearly communicates the values of The Conscious Farmer and their unique product
  • enables customers to easily make purchases and leave positive feedback
  • has taken the business to a new level by delivering 42 new sales in one month

The ongoing partnership with Brilliant Digital is allowing the business to grow steadily giving Kirrily and Derek peace of mind so that they can concentrate on rearing more superb grass fed beef.

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