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Video storytelling is fast emerging as an incredibly strong component of digital marketing. It allows you to authentically engage with your audience, inject some of your true personality into your brand message and best of all, it doesn’t have to break the bank.

At Brilliant Digital we are expert storytellers. But beyond our talent with the written word, we boast a broad range of expertise and experience in video production too. We have in-house producers, editors and creatives with a long, established history in television and visual media.

The perfect match

“The team’s video skills, coupled with the power of storytelling is the perfect marriage – and a fantastic way to tell your story,” explains Deb Croucher.

“Our clients are experts in their fields. They come to us because we are experts in ours – we help our clients achieve business growth and a return on investment by articulating their brand message with a cost effective, end to end video storytelling solution”.

The brief

tender-win-deal WSBC

Western Sydney Business Connection (WSBC) asked us to produce a series of corporate videos for the State of the Region address, held in Parramatta in September.

WSBC exists to create opportunities for Western Sydney’s business leaders to connect with like minded individuals and foster valuable relationships. They do this through hosting the region’s leading business events and by strategically bringing individuals and organisations together to facilitate positive change for Western Sydney businesses and the region.

Storyteller Jo-Lise Finn led the project – “Our brief was to highlight what some of WSBC’s high profile members – successful, established business – have done to build prospects, encourage development, and improve communities in the region”.

Storytelling magic

Corporate videos can feel stiff, boring, over-produced…

It was important that these stories were told with an authentic voice. Our video storytellers worked with WSBC on professionally written scripts that told their members’ journeys in a relatable way.

We used language that would showcase the thoughts, dreams and visions of these businesses and bring those journeys to life.

By using the magic of storytelling, the message was gentle and compelling. A shouty, hard-sell style would not be appropriate.

Expert direction

tender-win-deal WSBC

“Getting the lighting, cameras and audio right is important. But direction is key to creating a video with a strong message that looks great.

It is important to make the talent feel relaxed and comfortable – that way the delivery will believable and show an authenticity of story, person and style” says Jo-Lise.

Editing super powers

WSBC video storytelling

Using a video storyboard, our video editing team worked their magic to create beautiful, high quality, engaging productions.

Video production companies will typically charge thousands of dollars for a high end video solution.

But with our in-house expertise, we are able to produce effective and compelling corporate videos that perfectly illustrate our clients’ journeys without the expense

Beautifully shot videos

Our shoots with WSBC’s partners were straightforward and stress free and the end result was strong, effective storytelling videos that convey their brand message and connected with the audience.

Their purpose was to illustrate the journey that WSBC’s member partners have taken as major contributors to the growth and development of Western Sydney.

And WSBC’s General Manager Amanda Brisot was thrilled with the result. “Brilliant Digital did a fantastic job telling our story. It was important to us that our members felt really comfortable during the process and Jo and Deb and the team achieved that. The outcome was excellent – professionally shot and edited videos that told engaging stories and demonstrated to the audience what WSBC strives for – connection and growth in Western Sydney.”

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