Some Brilliant Digital Success Stories

OSA's turnkey solution from a team of experts

“A huge impact that we’ve had on OSA is providing them with professionals with a high-level skill set working solely on their business… we put a dedicated team in place and this freed them up get on with that they’re good at.”

Alan Lipman - Romar Engineering
Access to global market for Manufacturer

‘Our enquiries are about 90% domestic and 10% offshore. The only way to grow our business that made sense to me was to make us more accessible to that global market. It was a no-brainer to embrace digital marketing to achieve this.’

A fast increase in leads for First Financial

“It’s only been 3 months and we’re already seeing three or four leads per week whereas before we would only get one per month… In a short time, what Brilliant Digital are doing is working.”

A digital transformation for Family Business Central
A digital transformation for Family Business Central

Philip Pryor at FBC has a strong online presence, with engaging content and video explaining what he does and how. And the markets are opening up…

Sales have doubled for Water Filters Australia
Sales have doubled for Water Filters Australia

“…digital marketing is measurable. You’re able to easily determine whether the money you’re spending is worth the cost incurred. When I compare what we have on our website with other businesses, we’re streets ahead.”

Lagoon Team
Digital Marketing Success Factor

“TMG’s prominent digital profile, social media use and clever lifestyle storytelling has been a crucial factor in the Group’s rise to success… Analysis of web traffic shows an exciting upwards trend… a direct result of the power of digital marketing”.

End to end video storytelling solution for WSBC
End to end video storytelling solution for WSBC

“Brilliant Digital did a fantastic job telling our story. The outcome was professionally shot and edited videos that told engaging stories and demonstrated to the audience what WSBC strives for.”

Winning Lift in Sales for Flagstaff
Winning Lift in Sales for Flagstaff

‘In terms of how we’re going since engaging with Brilliant Digital, we’re seeing a lift in the market. There is a definite improvement in our enquiry and conversion rate… it’s early days but we’ve come out of the gate strongly. It’s been a great start to the year.’

Ian Donald Optometrist
A winning combination for Ian Donald

‘Brilliant Digital brings in the people who might not have been past before… and keeps our brand in people’s minds. I would say digital marketing is a good, very worthwhile investment to make in your business.’

Tamaruke Website
Tamaruke gets Astronomical Leads

“The trick to successful marketing is to tell the story of a business in a way that an ideal customer can understand and emotionally connect with. Charlotte and Tamaruke is a great story. We told a great story well and shared it with the right people.”

Conscious Farmer
12 months on - superb ongoing results!

“In between our monthly meetings Nicola is working behind the scenes, constantly tweaking our digital marketing to ensure we’re reaching new audiences, targeting our ideal customers and…”

Water Filters
Steady Growth for Manufacturer

“We needed  a company who understood our strategy to target key areas of business growth…a company who knew how to help us get to these people via our website & social media.”

North Advisory Charterd Accountants
Quality leads each week for Accountant

“The leads that come from the website are warmed up and ready to do business – this massively reduces the time spent pitching to new prospects.”

Conscious Farmer
Steady flow of sales for beef farmer

There has been a dramatic increase in sales. In a short period we have seen a massive spike. Traffic in May was up by 700% and that delivered 42 new customers.”

Sharon Moss Legal
Legal marketing results for years

“The clients that come from the website are educated and ready to work with us. Our online marketing delivers an excellent ROI and is by far our most powerful marketing tool.”

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