Get the best ROI on digital storytelling by following a strategic framework

Creating digital content is not a low-cost exercise.

Writing, editing, uploading, optimising, linking, sourcing images and producing video all take time. That’s time you’re paying for.

You have the best chance of getting an ROI on content creation if you think hard about the purpose and context of every page. And it is essential to follow a strategic plan to get the best results.

The framework below is the one our storytellers use at Brilliant Digital … it’s our bible … and we follow it religiously.

You can download a PDF here.


Brilliant Digital Strategic storytelling framework

The main section of the diagram with the grey background represents your website. The right side with the blue background represents other platforms – mainly social media.

It’s important to realise that your website is your property. It is under your control. The content stays there until you change it. And no one else can advertise on it unless you allow that.

The second crucial thing to realise is that content on your website is an asset you own. When you create a piece of content or collateral for your website, be that a blog, case study or product, it forms a building block …  another brick in the digital home of your business.

Yet, when you create content for the right side of the diagram on a social media platform you are building someone else’s digital assets, not yours. You have no control over how long that content shows for, what happens to it or who else advertises around it.

Flow through a website

People have different ways of flowing through a website – the arrows in the diagram illustrate some routes to an enquiry.

For example, if someone comes to your website to read a blog, they might go up to the Team page to have a look at who you are … and then proceed to make an enquiry. Or they may need to go through several pages before they take action.

Each page has a vital part to play, but the exact route is flexible and your visitor will create their own journey through your content.

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Homepage - a great first impression

The most visited page on any website is the Homepage. It should convey a very clear message about what you do for who and why.

It should introduce four essential stories that every business must tell to be successful. These are your business, customer, personal and product stories.

The Homepage’s ‘job’ is to create instant, strong brand awareness and present your UVP (unique value proposition) upfront.

The Homepage creates the all-important first impression – don’t miss the opportunity to grab a prospect’s attention here. It also serves as the gateway to all your other relevant information.

About page - who and why?

The About page is the place for your business story – shown through its relevance to the customer and their problems.  It should include the ‘why’ behind your business – the reason the team works so hard.

Introduce your business process here – and address your customers’ problems and how you solve them.

The purpose of the About page is to create further brand awareness. It also expands upon your UVP, builds trust and often generates leads.

Avoid the classic mistake of writing a long, boring and indulgent history of the business!

Case studies - show and tell

Your Case Studies are a fantastic way to show your customers’ stories and how your product or service has transformed their businesses.

They will include plenty of relevant, relatable detail. And they show prospects your UVP in action rather than telling them about it.

This format allows your prospects to see themselves in your client’s shoes – a great way to create an emotional connection.

Case Studies are another powerful layer to your storytelling that builds trust. And they are often lead generators.

Team - time to get personal

The personal stories behind your key people are a great way to build trust and that’s where your Team page comes in.

Foster connection and engagement with your prospects by sharing what drives you. Tell them what your favourite customer outcomes are and why. And demonstrate your expertise.

Again, you’re showing them this with real people and examples, rather than just telling them that you’re a wonderful business.

Product/service - problem solved

A strong product or service page with high-quality information is where you can expect to generate significant enquiry.

It’s important that you show how your product solves a customer’s problem here. Layer the benefit stories throughout and show the details of your process. This shouldn’t be just feature driven copy. It should illustrate how your service is the perfect solution to your prospect’s needs.

If you have a lot of products on your page it will drive significant traffic from Google. Product pages are lead and traffic generators.

Remember that traffic from Google is the best traffic for growing your business and brand. It’s driven by your web content, it’s totally free once it’s established, and it grows organically.

Blog and newsletters - edutainment!

The purpose of blogs and newsletters is to inform, entertain and create a buzz around your brand. They have SEO value and are a great way to drive people to your website.

The content must be high quality, ‘on brand’ and relevant at all times.

Use these articles to engage and educate your prospects. And be prolific. Multiple articles will generate fantastic traffic from Google, build trust and be great fodder for social media.

Drive them home, every time

Be aware that you only rent assets in the digital space such as your Facebook business page or your LinkedIn page. You have limited control over what happens to your content there. And there is nothing to stop the social media platform from taking down the content or putting other people’s products around it.

With every news article and blog that you put into the digital space, focus on the ultimate goal …

… driving people back to your website to get enquiries.

Keep focussed and clear about what you will use every piece of valuable content for before you waste time and money on something that isn’t going to play its part.

At Brilliant Digital everything we do is hinged around a strategic process so we don’t waste time … we get the full value of every piece of content and the best ROI for our clients.

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