Storytelling works for any industry

Storytelling works for any industry

You hear it all the time – storytelling is the best way to market your business.

Storytelling can help you reach your target market. Storytelling helps your business and brand grow.

But your business is engineering, accountancy or manufacturing … can storytelling work to grow a business in any industry?

Absolutely it can.

From boats to banking

From boats to banking

Storytelling is about making an emotional connection with your audience.

It’s about telling the journey of how a customer benefited from using your product or service.

It gives your prospects the opportunity to relate to you, your business and your product, beyond the facts and figures.

These things are industry agnostic.

They work as well for a luxury lifestyle business (think cruising the Mediterranean in a million dollar yacht) as for a family-run engineering business (a bespoke machine part, manufactured with great customer service by a local firm).

Let’s look at the evidence

At Brilliant Digital, we’ve helped businesses in a broad range of industries grow and expand their reach through powerful digital storytelling.

We’ve helped them reach global markets.

We’ve increased the number of educated leads coming through.

And by making each piece of content count, we’ve helped our clients see a strong return on investment.

But there are a few tricks to getting it right. And that’s where our team of expert digital storytellers comes in.

They don’t always start out as engineering experts or technical whizzes … they make it their business to get to know your business – inside and out.

From the first strategy meeting to writing ongoing blogs and case studies, our storytellers immerse themselves in your company, your industry and your product.

We’re results driven here at Brilliant Digital – so let’s hear from some of our clients in their own words…

Show your benefits

Show your benefits

For Craig Hannan at Water Filters Australia, storytelling is unsurpassed in its effectiveness –

“The blogs are an integral part of how we display our business to the community. The stories have many different angles for who and how they assist. For existing customers, finding out about our products, their benefits and how to use them, works well.

For a person who doesn’t know anything about us and goes onto our website, there’s a significant amount of information there to assist them. That helps them to understand the benefits. And there are videos of how things are installed and replaced. The website itself is an enormous tool for us to use.

When people call us, we can refer them to the website – having all the information there makes it easier for our staff. I think the blogs that are more lifestyle related add to the whole equation. The blog side of Brilliant Digital, the storytelling, is second to none.”

Put your aims into context

Put your aims into context

Through digital storytelling, we have transformed Romar Engineering so it can compete on a global stage. We have defined who they are and what they do – and are sending qualified leads from across the globe. CEO Alan Lipman says,

“I like the idea of digital storytelling, as it puts how we work with people to achieve their aims into context.

It’s a really good demonstration of what we do.

Sometimes it’s hard in our often discrete industry to find stories suitable for publication. But the stories we have shared so far are indicative of what we can do to connect with our customers and prospects. And we look forward to growing this part of our marketing.”

Our storytellers partner with you – they get to know you, your team and your prospects. And then they use that knowledge to craft stories that engage with your audience and take your product to the next level.

Those stories create connection, build trust and memorable brands and ultimately deliver sales.

Create Web Appeal

Create web appeal

When we write content for your website, we get inside your prospects’ heads so we know what will appeal to them.

What will create a spark? What will create a hook? It has to be relatable.

And it’s emotionally engaging content that is key for Chris White at First Financial.

“Our website content focuses a lot on our clients’ stories and also on us as a team at First Financial.

It allows our prospects to get an insight into what makes our clients and our partners tick. And also, it gives a sense that we are large enough to look after our clients, but not too large to ignore the client relationship – that’s the most important thing that we can do.

An important part of what Brilliant Digital does for us is to provide regular content for blogs…

this is another channel through which we can market to our clients.”

Keep it simple

Keep it simple

Our storytellers use simple, clear language. There’s little point in using complex technical jargon if your target market can’t understand it.

We simplify. We demystify.

Denis Zilic, co-founder of OSA says, “The difference is, I’ve left my marketing to the professionals who know how to do it and maintain it for me. We have access to a couple of really good key staff. Cathy, the storyteller, writes content and blogs for us all the time – we didn’t have that before.

When you’re relying on technical people to write stories, people who aren’t technical can’t read it, it goes over their head and you lose the message.”

An Enviable lifestyle

An enviable lifestyle

The best story will entice your prospect to see themselves in your customer’s shoes – someone who already enjoys your product or service. If you can create the ‘I want that for myself’ reaction, you’ve hit the storytelling jackpot.

Graham Raspass from Flagstaff Marine is a great example of how wonderful storytelling is at making a dream lifestyle purchase a reality.

“We think storytelling is a really key part of the message. People are hungry for information. So the benefit of storytelling is that if you have an array of different stories, people will pick the one that relates most to their circumstance or their dream…

And let’s be honest: owning a boat is a dream!

If they can see that other people have already experienced that and shared that experience, it enforces their commitment and belief in what they want to do.”

Time to join the revolution

Time to join the revolution

Pretty compelling stuff. So whether you’re Jim Henson using puppets to get kids to say their ABC … or you’re Richard Branson telling tales of glamourous adventure and exciting exploration … storytelling is the most effective and proven method to make a connection and grow your business.

It’s a straightforward way to show rather than tell how you solve your customers’ problems.

Without storytelling, you are a bullet-point product list. Good luck with that.


But tell a great story, and you can conquer the world.

Join the storytelling revolution today.

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Storytelling works for any industry
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Storytelling works for any industry
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Storytelling works for any industry
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