Want to attract great talent? Tell a story

Want to attract great talent? Tell a story

You’ve got a new role to fill in your business. You want someone with the right skill set and experience. Someone who will be loyal. And of course, someone who is the right fit for the team.

But getting good talent is not that easy. There are many successful businesses with fantastic products who still face challenges when it comes to people power.

Recruitment agencies are expensive. And they don’t always have the depth of knowledge in your industry to find you a gem in a pile of resumes.

Worse than not filling your vacancy is hiring badly. It’s a waste of time and money – onboarding the wrong person can equate to up to 2.5 times the salary of the position.

What can you do about it

What can you do about it?

Fortunately, there is a solution for businesses across all industries – you can tell your story.

Storytelling allows you to position yourself in the best possible way to attract good talent.

Because through storytelling you can show applicants who you really are, what you stand for and what working for you is really like.

It puts the ball in your court.

Convey Emotion

Set yourself apart

Scrolling through Seek is something we’ve all had to do. It’s very same same and can leave you feeling uninspired.

But if you see a story in your newsfeed about what it’s like to work at a company you’re interested in, that’s something different.

It might even tempt good candidates already in a job to consider making a move.

The absolute best way to do this is to get your employees to tell the story for you…

… that’s really going to get attention.

A landing page with video and text is ideal. It’s a great way to demystify your organisation for applicants. They can get a true feel for your culture and values. Misconceptions begone …

Convey emotion

We practise what we preach at Brilliant Digital – take a look at our Flexible Work page.

We asked our team to tell applicants in their own words why it’s great to work here. And in doing so we uncovered some delightful and heartfelt stories.

That’s recruitment gold. You can’t convey that feeling and emotion in a traditional job ad.

Be yourself

Getting someone who is the right fit can be harder than it sounds. The interview process doesn’t always allow for each party to represent themselves sincerely.

ATB Chartered Accountants has a fantastic careers page that gives a great overview of the benefits of working with them.

It includes a video of the partners and the team telling applicants in their own words what they enjoy about working there.

There is no hint of the ‘boring accountant’ on this page … and that’s a winning move that sets them apart from other firms.

Optical Solutions Australia has a smart careers page, too.

They are an engineering company that has shaken off the shackles of a technical and overly formal facade…

…instead, they present themselves in a personable and accessible way that invites applicants to make an emotional connection.

This is achieved by the team telling real, relatable stories about working at OSA.

Make a connection

Storytelling allows you to break down barriers.

You can open up, share a joke or a personal experience.

So by the time you’re sitting in an interview room, the applicant has read your story or watched your video.

They’re already engaged with you and your organisation emotionally. They already know it’s somewhere they want to be.

That’s half the battle of recruitment.

Know the Motivators

Know the motivators!

Whether you’re telling your story about working life in your business … or getting your team to do it for you … make sure you include hooks that will attract the best talent. And that’s not just dollars …

In fact, the TINYpulse employee engagement survey in 2014 found that money was a lowly 7th place in the motivation stakes.

At Brilliant Digital, we value flexibility above all else. We present that value front and centre in our recruitment content. That’s because we want to attract people who feel the same way about putting family first.

Maybe you offer on-the-job training, work from home options or a particular benefit … career advancement opportunities. Talk about whatever makes you special. Explore your personal journeys. And you’ll attract people who are the right fit for your business.

It’s time to stop paying exorbitant agency fees. You need to get great talent that fits, first time.

Contact us today to find out how to fire up your recruitment with powerful storytelling.

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