Senior Project Manager

Stephanie Croucher

My job is to be the conduit between our teams and our clients. I listen to our clients and translate what they want into the language of our techs and creatives.

I sit in that space between the dream and reality and make sure that what is in the client’s mind is exactly what turns up on their screen of their new website.

Communication is key

The most valuable skill in my role is communication. Tech skills are important and it’s critical to stay abreast of new developments in our field.

However, we’ve discovered here at Brilliant Digital that you can have all the technical skills in the world, but if you can’t communicate clearly, they are useless.

Flexible leadership

The quality that helps me most on a daily basis is adaptability. We work in teams, so it’s important to know when to step up and make things happen and when to step back and encourage your team’s growth and leadership skills.

To work here, you need to be comfortable leading and accepting others’ leadership as well. We all work together in a respectful synergy. There’s no room for personal ego. We are here for our clients and their goals are what matter most.

The Ops team – your secret weapon

A strong Operations team isn’t at the top of most clients’ minds when they are shopping for a website and digital marketing team. We are the A-team behind the scenes. When we do our job well, you will hardly know we are there.

We are linguists. We speak the language of design and development. We understand finance and systems. We can communicate with the creatives.

We are skilled operatives. We are masters of SEO, we are experienced coders and marketers and we can synthesise all of this into one vision.

We ensure that each piece of software earns its keep. We make sure everything is productive and working at maximum efficiency. We are the enablers who take ideas and make them real. We work across multiple teams, smoothing the way in the background. We are the ultimate chameleons!

Tech and creativity, a potent brew

I came to Brilliant Digital after becoming disenchanted with the health and fitness industry. I am a type A personality and Deb suggested that my gifts could be used in a different way. I began trialling operations and I’ve never looked back.

The digital landscape is superseded faster than you can say the word “website”. There is always so much to learn! We work with the latest technology and the most creative minds… It’s a heady combination of unending possibilities and it is very addictive.

It’s important to me to work with people on the same wavelength. That doesn’t mean we have to agree on everything! It’s more that we share the same values. I value hard work, growth and learning. I take responsibility for my choices and I expect the people around me to do the same.

The culture of Brilliant Digital matches my values. I can rely on my team because I know we share those same foundations.

Making the impossible… possible

I love a challenge. One of my favourite parts of the job is when a client asks for something we have never done before. Even better when it’s something NO-ONE has ever done before. When we’ve accomplished something extraordinary and I see the client’s face as they watch their website in action for the first time – that excites me.

Knowing that we have exceeded their expectations and pushed the boundaries of our knowledge and experience is a fantastic feeling.

My favourite thing outside of work is food. And my family. I spend a lot of time at the gym because I like to combine my first two loves. I’ve recently completed a triathlon and a powerlifting competition and now I’m on the hunt for my next challenge.

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