Stephanie Croucher, Project Manager

As the chief Admin Officer, Stephanie has a wide range of roles. She’s the behind-the-scenes fixer and solver of problems. “I’m there with a broom and mop to clean it all up.”

So when clients have any financial or administration issues, Stephanie is the first point of contact.

She streamlines processes to be more efficient and ordered.

She also does all the onboarding and liaising with new staff and clients, so she’s also in the front line of the business.

Before Brilliant Digital, Stephanie was a personal trainer and coach for five years. She has a sports science background and will soon be entering into a Masters of Exercise Physiology.

Health is a true passion of hers. As someone who is very task oriented, she gets a huge sense of satisfaction seeing processes in place and jobs accomplished.

A self-described “classic worker bee”, Stephanie gets immense satisfaction from ticking all the items off a list. She has about three note pads she’s working off at any one time! So her role at Brilliant Digital uses all her skills and means every day is fulfilling and satisfying.

Like many others in the team, it was the flexibility and community of Brilliant Digital that were so attractive to Stephanie. As a full-time student, high performance sports intern and personal trainer at two gyms, there were never enough hours in the day. Her role with Brilliant Digital now means she has quality time that she was missing out on before. She can now go back to playing recreational sport on weekends without taking a pay cut and see her fiancé more than twice a week.

When she’s not solving problems at Brilliant Digital, Stephanie can be found weight training (she can do the super scary looking Olympic Lifts and can lift more than her body weight over her head) and running triathlons or enjoying Sunday morning bike rides. Yes, even her relaxation is quite intense! A few hidden talents Stephanie has are that she can touch her nose with her tongue, is ambidextrous and can play the trumpet. And if you find her a great place for brunch, you’ll make a friend for life!

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