Website Delivers 35 New Clients in 3 Months

“I’m a martial arts instructor running a studio. What do I know about digital marketing?” laughs Michael Rahn, owner of Power with Purpose in Sydney. “My gut feeling was that we needed something much more than the little self-built website I’d put together some years ago, but I had absolutely no idea how powerful an online presence could actually be for our business,” he says.

Michael and Brilliant Blue began working together in October.

“After some initial discussions it became clear that Power with Purpose is more than a local Martial Arts school,” says Deb Jeffreys

“There are a number of different strands to this business – health education, counselling services, self defence classes for women, seminars for teenagers to teach them how to have positive relationships and Taekwondo lessons for all age groups…

“We needed to consolidate these very different service offerings into an organised online presence.”

While the business name Power with Purpose existed, the Brilliant Blue team gave the brand colour, life and personality, reflected in the new site.

“What I love most,” says Michael, “Is that our website looks so approachable and  ‘family friendly’. It perfectly reflects what we do. We encourage families to take lessons together, so they can improve their fitness, health and wellbeing while they’re sharing quality time. The look and feel of the site captures this.”

Michael says he was also impressed with the way the Brilliant Blue team designed and built the site so quickly and with a minimum of fuss.

“We had a couple of meetings and then they presented us with the site as a ‘work in progress’. 

I poured over the content and I was amazed to find that the digital writers had captured every word I’d said in our discussions… even down to a phrase that I use often with students: ‘Best is Best’.

“Brilliant Blue listened and understood, and it was really easy working with them,” he says.

The site was unveiled at the Power With Purpose Christmas Party in December and went live a week or so later.

Since then it has proven itself as a successful online marketing channel for the business.

“We’ve had our strongest start to the year ever, in terms of enquiries,” says Michael.  “And we know we’re reaching a wider audience than we ever have before.”

“I like being able to say to people over the phone: ‘look at the website’ because often, ‘seeing is believing’ and the website gives us the ability to actually show people what to expect. It has more information about us than I could ever give in a 10 minute telephone conversation.”

Michael says he also likes the fact that the website delivers tools and resources in the form of an online video library to help students who want to practice Taekwondo at home.

The site is programmed in a way that enables Michael and his team to add content and make changes. Timetables sometimes need amending and often we need to add new information about upcoming seminars, so it makes sense for Power with Purpose to be able to do this themselves.

Brilliant Blue also taught Michael to handle all of the social media for the business including Google Plus, Facebook and Instagram.

“Regular social media postings along with regular blogging are crucial in marketing the site,” says Deb. “We gave Michael some tuition in how to do this himself because he is immersed in the business. As such, he is the perfect person to be capturing all of the feed-worthy items from the day-to-day activities and supplying a steady stream of content that will help to build and maintain a strong online presence,” she explains.

“I knew nothing – absolutely nothing – about Facebook or any of it,” says Michael who admits he now spends between one and two hours every day creating content.

“Now I’m blogging and putting photos on Instagram and responding to comments. I am actually really enjoying it. It makes me think about how our customers and potential customers see our business and engage with our business. And it keeps me really connected with what’s going on internally too.”

“I would never have known that a website could be such a powerful addition to our business and our marketing, but this is a really valuable tool – it’s helping us to grow and I have tangible evidence of that every day,” he says.  

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