Deb Croucher - Digital Storyteller

“Deb Croucher is an exceptional presenter. Her ability to engage with the audience to create an interactive and engaging session is brilliant! Deb’s content is incredibly useful and targeted… all attendees learn tangible and practical lessons.”
Cassandra O’Brien, BT Financial Group

Deb’s presentations include inspiring case studies which
-connect quickly with business audiences
-simplify an often confusing area
-cement knowledge and understanding.

Workshop and Presentations

Deb’s workshops and presentations include 30 minute, 60 minute and 3 hour options. The content is highly relevant to Australian SMEs. Case study material includes manufacturing, engineering, distribution, luxury goods, professional and business services, farming, education, leisure and health and fitness – tailored to the audience.

Strategy for getting leads

Option 1: A rock solid strategy to generate qualified leads through digital marketing (without wasting time or cash)

Key Outcomes:
Interactive session highly relevant to SMEs
Big picture strategic understanding
Knowledge cemented with case study

Lead generation results: case studies
The strategy behind the results
Optional exercise: assess your current collateral
Q and A

Telling stories

Option 2: Why telling stories is the key to marketing success in the digital age (and which stories you need to tell)

Key Outcomes:
Fun interactive session highly relevant to SMEs
Understand the enormous power of digital storytelling
Knowledge cemented with real examples

Storytelling results illustrated through example
Storytelling for SMEs in Australia
Optional exercise: assess your current stories
Q and A

Digital tsunami

Option 3: The Digital Tsunami and how to surf it (so you don’t wipe out)

Key Outcomes:
Understand the implications of the digital tsunami
What you need to do to ride the wave
Knowledge cemented with highly relevant examples

Overview of the implications of the digital tsunami
Wave-riding for business owners
Exercise: assess your digital strategy
Q and A

About Deb Croucher

In her first 15 year career Deb was a Veterinary Surgeon and co-owner of a busy practice in southern England.

She successfully promoted her Vet business, creating endless fliers, leaflets and media articles in the pre-digital era. When Google appeared she knew this was a new dawn. She built her first website for the veterinary practice.

After building a number of globally successful websites and digital brands, Deb sold her Vet Practice and founded Brilliant Digital.

Over the past decade the company has expanded into a full service digital agency delivering qualified leads to many Australian SMEs.

Industry sectors include manufacturing, distribution, luxury goods, professional services (medical, dental, veterinary, legal, financial services, architecture), farming, education, leisure, health and fitness.


“I loved this session. We do not currently do this well and I have taken away a large list of action items. Deb provided some good practical advice which can be implemented by non-marketers” 
Audience members, BTGL Masterclass

“Would recommend Deb for any group looking for a professional presenter who knows her topic thoroughly.”
Sue Heins – Inspiring Women…



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