Social Media Advertising Continues to Grow

According to a recent Business Insider Intelligence Report, social media advertising consumes only 1% to 10% of ad budgets.

Interesting, media consumption has generally become more disparate but social media gets the attention of millions of us every day.

So clearly, social media advertising is still growing up… so it now the perfect time to take advantage of the medium?

How Social Media Advertising Differs From Search Advertising

Planning a strategy for social media advertising is different from search advertsing.

With search the buyer has intent. Search allows you to pinpoint your audience as they look for your product. They are a captured market, as they are already at least in the research phase of the buying cycle, if not close to completion.

Social media advertising is similar to display. The audience are more than likely not in a reactive mindset. You still have to work hard to sing the right song and convince a reader that they should click on your ad.

However you do have the bonus of being able to target the customer you are looking for, by demographic, location and interest

This doesn’t mean social media should be pushed aside.. quite the contrary. There are huge audiences that are very active. And there’s lots of opportunity to push brands and promotions into their radar.

Which Social Network?

The famous four social networks are in the top 15 websites viewed in Australia. Over time they have built their advertising tools to offer enough detail to give a clear idea of our ROI. They are definitely a good place to start.

Despite their popularity, the chance to run ads by PPC gives small and large businesses the opportunity to be seen by the right audience on these sites regardless of their budgets.

The nature of Facebook and YouTube, being social “hangouts” make them the best options for B2C advertising.

LinkedIn, being a business networking tool is the obviously spot for B2B Advertising and
Twitter is great for both as more and more businesses use Twitter as a regular marketing channel.

Planning a search and social media advertising strategy doesn’t have to be as complicated as it seems.

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