Senior Content Producer

Siobhan Day

My not-so-secret love affair with words has flourished throughout my career, but it has well and truly bloomed at Brilliant Digital. As a Senior Content Producer, I spend my days collaborating with the team of like-minded content gurus and, most importantly, telling stories.

I believe that telling these stories — of innovative people, family-owned businesses, exciting new technology — lets me work as a conduit for our clients. If I can convey their brand, message and value, they can go back to doing what they do best.

Always adapting

With a background in publishing, digital marketing, and the nonprofit sector, I have learned to be dexterous in my writing style and adapt to suit the client, medium and audience.

Whether its deciphering technical specs for an infrastructure client, translating policy amendments for government agencies, or adding creative flair to a website, I love the challenge of transforming content into words that captivate the audience.

Naturally curious

My naturally curious spirit has always driven me to learn more about the people I work with, and the industries they service. You’ll often find me reading technical papers late at night, or trying out a clients’ new recipe just to indulge my curiosity.

But it isn’t just about knowing the facts; it’s about deepening my understanding of our clients and what sets them apart. The more I learn about my clients and what they offer, the more invested I am in their success.

When I’m not working

A fascination with the human condition propelled me into the study of psychology, so most of my spare time is spent with my nose in a textbook…or psychoanalysing my family.

I am a lover of early mornings, nature and yoga, so I start each day with a dose of all three to get my mind and body up and running.

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How storytelling helps you to reach global markets

At Brilliant Digital, it’s been really exciting and unexpected for some of our clients with small to medium businesses to witness how storytelling is helping them to reach global markets and see results.

The value of digital storytelling, the Brilliant way

Think about the last time you presented to a business audience. Did they connect with the figures on your PowerPoint or with the story you told behind the figures? Digital storytelling will reap you results.

Strategic approach to digital marketing success

The marketing options for your business are endless. You need a digital marketing partner who can work your brand hard to deliver sustained brand growth for the long term. And that’s what we deliver.

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