Online SEO training

Online course for business owners and leaders.

SEO training course

SEO training course

For over 20 years, the team at Brilliant Digital have been building and maintaining websites that deliver incredible Google rankings and sustained business growth.

We’ve watched every SEO trick and trend come and go… and through all of that we’ve continued to play with a straight bat and give Google what it wants.

For the first time, we’re teaching our proven SEO formula to businesses.

This online course will cut through the BS and set you on a proven path to success with the search engines.

If your business doesn’t come up in Google searches you are literally dead in the water in today’s digital world. And while Google has been the consistent, leading force since its launch over 20 years ago, the hype around search engine optimisation has ebbed and flowed with the trends and tricks.

Perfect for business owners and leaders, marketers and content producers, we teach you the technical and content-related elements of SEO that you need to nail to get all the free traffic you need.

Through the current crisis, our one-day courses are now split over three 2-hour sessions to help those working from home and juggling other priorities. The small group size allows you to get direct answers to the specific digital marketing challenges you face today.

Learn from our experts

Learn from our experts

The experts from Brilliant Digital will teach you:

  • How to uncover the online opportunity that will deliver for your business
  • How to structure a website around a keyword list
  • Technical must dos for decent Google ranking
  • Tips for finding a design and coding team who know SEO
  • A formula for creating an effective SEO and content plan
  • Optimising your content for the search engines
  • The role of YouTube content in Google ranking
  • Google local search for small business
  • Link building and other off-page SEO practices
  • How to use Google Analytics and Webmasters to measure your success

At the end of the course you will:

  • Know the important technical and content-related factors for SEO success
  • Have a clear road map for ranking your website and getting relevant free traffic
  • Be excited to move forwards with clarity and focus
  • Know where to get more help if you need it

Course dates and investment

This course will be delivered as a single day session, 9am to 5pm. A digital workbook will be provided ahead of the session and we will work on it throughout.

Tuesday 9th of June

Investment: $900 + GST

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