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Understand how Google and SEO services work

Brilliant Digital have delivered highly effective, professional SEO services since 2009. Our results come from persistent, sustained effort following Google’s very clear guidelines and creating compelling, market-focused content. We love to share our knowledge… and the articles on this page are written specifically for business owners and leaders to help you understand the complexities of SEO and quickly gain the big-picture knowledge you need. As always if you have any questions contact us… we’re here to help.

If you use digital marketing for your business, then SEO is crucial for your brand… and bottom line.

Here, Brilliant Digital’s Head of Content, Lani Fouché, shares her tips for SEO.

Google is the most popular search engine in the world. In Australia it holds almost 95% market share. With Google being such a powerful platform, it’s critical that your digital marketing provider has a Google Partnership.

When you create SEO marketing for your business, you need to ask yourself what you’re trying to achieve and what Google is trying to achieve. Combine the two to achieve SEO success.

In today’s digital world, you could be forgiven for thinking that marketing is all about Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn… so is Google still relevant? Absolutely! Learn why website SEO is key.

SEO is all about getting your website optimised so that it comes up in the free Google search. But what do you need to achieve to create an effective SEO strategy for your business?

We know SEO inside and out. Our knowledge of SEO is what makes our clients’ websites so successful and has seen us grow to become Australia’s leading SEO agency. Put simply, we know our stuff.

Your website is an investment. A set and forget approach won’t get you the results you’re looking for. To get your website working for you, stay across a number of website optimisation tasks.

Beware the SEO company banging its own drum about their expertise without substance to back up their claims. They talk about ‘tricks’ and ‘secrets’ and ‘getting to number one’.

The SEO industry is full of sharks. If you’ve been bitten in the past, you know just how much it can hurt. If you want to do it well, you really need an SEO expert on your side.

The key elements of SEO optimisation haven’t changed. Apply the technical basics and have your audience front and centre of your mind when you create content.

Effective SEO is not just about technical skills. Every team member has their part to play in building expertly optimised websites. A number of skills are needed to make it work.

On their own, SEO and content marketing are both important tools, but if you do both really well together at the same time the outcome for your business is just phenomenal!

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