How to create an SEO strategy for your organisation

Posted by Deb Croucher | November 8, 2019

Google has the unenviable task of trying to organise the world’s information…

So, if someone types in ‘Financial Planner Melbourne’ or ‘how do I manufacture my widget at low cost’ or ‘what’s the best way to market an accounting firm online’, Google wants to put the very best and most relevant websites at the top of the list.

By doing that, Google keeps its reputation for sending people what they want – high quality websites that answer their questions.

This is how it maintains its value as the best search engine in the world.

If you can marry up what you want and what Google wants, you will have a great SEO strategy… you will come up the rankings… and you will get Google to deliver the traffic you want.

Use Google Adwords

When we create an SEO strategy, first we look at the back of Google Adwords and use the keywords tool to see what people are searching for in your niche market. It’s freely available and it’s going to form your master list of keywords for getting the best out of SEO.

For us, that might be digital marketing tips, website design, digital storytelling, SEO strategy… everything people ask about marketing their business online.

We can see how many people ask each question each day and get an idea of how competitive the space is.

Discover the niche searches

For example, a really competitive area is mortgage broking. There are many big players in the industry – it’s very difficult to get anywhere up above their ranking for the big keywords.

But there a lot of little gems out there. You can write a really great niche article with specific content that will come up at the top of Google when someone searches for it.

That will drive relevant people to see your business.

So, finding out what people are actually asking for around your business with Google Adwords is an important start.

Meet the demand

Once you know what your target market is searching for, the next part of your strategy is to meet that demand.

We do this by writing articles that specifically address the search criteria.

What’s important here is that you shouldn’t see the writing as a technical box ticking exercise.

Your writing should be genuinely helpful and informative in order to hook your target market.

It needs to address your prospects’ questions and search phrases.

Articles need to be well written, a decent length and not full of waffle. People who land on your web pages need to engage, connect emotionally and find the article useful.

A great article on cashflow, for example, that’s informative and interesting, with cool images and quality video embedded, will be fantastic. Google will see it as a highly relevant piece of content and rank it accordingly.

Get the techy bit right

Your articles need to be well-written to appeal to your readers.

But importantly, you need to optimise them to maximise the power of SEO.

You need to include the main keywords in the title tag, description line and the video to improve your Google ranking for the article.

You have to put the articles into your website in a way that creates content pillars.

So, you might have a whole section about SEO, or tax accounting or the brand of boat etc. You will have the main article and then others linked off that in a tree format. Those would then loop back to the original story.

This helps Google to see that your business is an authority in that area. It will rank those pages and the rest of the website for all those keywords. And the more keywords it ranks you for, the better your organic traffic.

Build up momentum

Keep chipping away. Work to a strategy and be consistent. Unless you have a really tiny niche that no one else is doing, which for the most of us is not the case, you’ve got a lot of work to do to get yourself seen by the search engine and indexed.

That involves putting the hard yards in writing pages and pages – lots of highly relevant content that your target market is after.

Link all that information and relevant articles together on your website. That will allow Google to see that you’ve got a mountain of information around a particular subject.

Investing time and effort in building your content will see a return on investment and the growth of your digital brand. And it will deliver an increase in free, organic traffic – the digital marketing gold that grows your business.

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