5 SEO fundamentals for Profitable Internet Marketing

The best long term internet marketing results come from organic search. Your business’ profits can increase dramatically if your website is designed and developed using an SEO strategy from day 1.

It takes the right combination of SEO fundamentals to convince a search engine to rank your business higher than the competition’s.

Over recent years, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) has evolved from being a challenge overcome by strategic use of keywords, into an internet marketing science. Search engines are constantly revising their algorithms to stop ‘black hat’ SEOers achieving falsely elevated rankings through manipulation.

Today’s skilled SEO professionals, web designers, developers and web content writers cater to a variety of sophisticated algorithms when they build a website for optimum search engine ranking.

1. The dual SEO audience

Attracting traffic to your website is only half of the SEO story. Digital marketing copy expressed with the right language then holds your visitors and engages them in a conversation. Sales are more likely when you establish two-way communication. That happens when a visitor sends an email, comments on a blog post, or signs up for your newsletter.

But before any of the above takes place, your website needs to convince its first audience – the search engine – to notice your pages.

A site’s architecture has a huge bearing on the order in which websites are rated. Details of Google’s ranking methods remain an industry secret, but to meet SEO basics today, web marketers need to consider two very different web page audiences simultaneously.

2. SEO fundamentals of attracting high rankings

Success at the search engines involves meeting several specific obligations for a good SEO ranking related to its technical construction as well as final visible content. Your site should:

  • Maintain themes with consistent keywords, including in coding
  • Load quickly, by avoiding large files
  • Keep site navigation simple, with clean design
  • Maintain working links, to avoid visitor frustration
  • Demonstrate credibility by being a popular link from several other sites
  • Use design that encourages visitors to browse between pages

3. Structuring a page for SEO

The SEO ranking of a particular page is better if you focus on one main keyword per page and use it repeatedly.

Search engines scan for keywords in the coding, from page descriptions and from tags – including for images and videos. The chances of a favourable ranking increase when you repeat search keywords as exact matches throughout the structure and content of a page.

An example from real estate site is where the keyword ‘homes for sale’ is used on a property listing page, as follows:

  • In the page url, ie. ‘homes-for-sale’
  • In the search page summary, eg. ‘ABC Real Estate has homes for sale near you’
  • As the heading on the property listings page, ‘Homes for Sale’
  • As tags for downloadable documents, PDFs, photo galleries
  • Part of a blog post title on the same site, ‘Record month of homes for sale at ABC’
  • Within the copy, such as ‘call us for other homes for sale in your area’, or similar

Search engines look for consistency in phrasing across individual web pages and connect all keyword matches for ranking, not just those in the visible copy.

4. SEO fundamentals - bounce rates

Search engines also decide on rankings based on the percentage of visitors over time who only visit a single page of your website. The statistic is the website’s ‘bounce rate’.

A high bounce rate indicates that your website is not engaging readers for very long and this will contribute to a low overall ranking.

To help prevent a succession of brief visits to a single page, use clean and simple site design with links to new topics in the copy to move readers between pages. Keeping copy relevant and engaging increases browsing time, which also improves your SEO rankings.

5. Social media & mobile internet

Sharing URLs and using consistent keywords on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and on blogs are further opportunities for SEO to contribute to your internet marketing profitability. To boost SEO rankings and profits, review your social media accounts for keyword compatibility with those on your website.

SEO fundamentals are also also influenced by the popularity of mobile internet access and the high rate of mobile online purchasing.

Smartphone and tablet internet use is predicted to outnumber desktop searches in 2014, making it essential for businesses to have a mobile-friendly, or responsive website design, if their internet marketing relies on SEO.

The alternative is to create a second identical website for mobile access only. This requires search engines to crawl, index and rank both sites and also makes link-sharing complicated between users.

Mastering SEO fundamentals requires an understanding of several elements of web design, website structure and web content writing.

Search engines are continuously updating the way they rank websites, which affects the position of your business among its competition. It is more important than ever to revise SEO your strategy and content regularly and keep up to date with industry changes that drive success in internet marketing for websites of all levels of complexity.

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