How do you know if an SEO company will deliver?

Posted by Pete Croucher | February 8, 2021

Key learnings:

  • The experience an SEO company needs to get results
  • The proven techniques a credible SEO company uses
  • Why should you be wary of unexpected emails from SEO companies

Beware the SEO company banging its own drum about their expertise… without a lot of substance to back up their claims. They talk about ‘tricks’ and ‘secrets’ and ‘getting to number one’.

But it’s all smoke and mirrors.

There is nothing mythical when it comes to bringing free organic Google search traffic to your website. In fact, the secret is already out: it takes time, sustained hard work and commitment to deliver long-term results with SEO.

To get results, you need an SEO company with a depth of expertise and proven techniques.

Past SEO experience and results

There is no such thing as an overnight SEO sensation.

Any SEO company worth its salt will have a track record to prove it. They will have decades of experience. And they will know exactly what works – and what doesn’t – when it comes to SEO.

The fastest way to find a credible SEO company is to ask them for past experience and success stories. You aren’t looking for a one-hit wonder – you want a company that has consistently produced long-term results for multiple clients.

If they know their stuff, they will talk confidently about exactly what they have done on the back end of a website to improve SEO… they will be able to explain how an individual content piece is written for SEO… and they will know how to build a framework around the entire content pool of a website to generate an SEO machine.

Be wary of any SEO company that guarantees the number one position in search results. It’s not a promise they can ever hope to keep.

Solid SEO is built on a solid partnership

A big point of difference for any credible SEO company is their genuine excitement and interest in your business. They don’t try to read your mind… they are willing to take the time to sit down with you and understand your business.

They will ask lots of questions… about your business and competitors. About your current marketing and advertising strategies as well as your goals. They know it’s critical to building a long-term SEO strategy that delivers results.

When your SEO company takes a partnership approach, they understand your business, they know your goals and they can build your content and SEO to support that.

SEO strategy and process

If an SEO company can’t clearly explain to you how they work, there’s a good chance they don’t know what they are doing. You will be waiting for the promised results… but they will never come.

A credible SEO company will know the Google Webmaster Guidelines inside and out. They can look at a website structure and immediately spot the gaps.

If you are building a new website, they should be looking to work with you early in the process.

They will be talking with you about how best to structure the website to optimise it for search engine rankings.

And if you already have a website – they should be actively working with you regarding content creation. This will form part of their primary strategy to build sustained growth in your SEO over time.

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The proof is in the data

The wonderful thing about digital marketing and SEO is that everything is measurable. You don’t have to rely on a feeling or guesses… the data is all there. A credible SEO company will put all the data on the table to prove their value.

Their key measure should be on growing relevant organic website traffic for your business. And they will be very interested in finding out if the website traffic is converting into customers.

By sharing the data with you, a credible SEO company can demonstrate their value and pinpoint exactly what impact their work is having on your SEO.

Check their references

To really get to know an SEO company, you need to speak with their current and past clients. When you hear it from the horse’s mouth, you will be able to find out exactly what results they have delivered over time.

You should also ask what they are like to work with. A good working relationship with an SEO company is a vital part of their ability to deliver on their word.

Any insights you gather could help you in the long run to maximise on your investment and save you from making a costly mistake.

Be wary of unexpected contact from SEO companies

The sad thing is, there are many unscrupulous SEO companies out there, that will say anything to get your attention… and your business.

You should treat emails promising to get you the top of the page with the same  scepticism as emails for ‘burn fat at night’ diet pills or requests to help transfer funds from deposed dictators.

Anyone who alleges a ‘special relationship’ with Google or who advertises a ‘priority submit’ to Google is simply lying.

There are no quick fixes for SEO. Only when you find an SEO company that is committed to your success will you get the sustained brand growth you are looking for.

The path to SEO success

It’s tempting to put SEO in the too hard basket. But that is a huge mistake for your business. With the right team of SEO experts on your side, you can set yourself apart from the crowd and grow your brand.

At Brilliant Digital, we have delivered SEO services for many hundreds of clients. We follow a proven process, we lay down a solid strategy and then we crank the dial on your content to get your SEO pumping. Just ask any of our happy clients.

Contact us today to book in a free digital strategy consultation with one of our team of experts. We can discuss your SEO concerns and give you a roadmap for successfully building and implementing an SEO strategy in your business.

It’s time to see sustained results

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