SEO and content marketing – a marriage made in heaven

Posted by Deb Croucher | March 20, 2019

Why are SEO and content marketing a marriage made in heaven?

Well, with SEO and content marketing it’s really just like any good relationship – you can’t really have one without the other.

On their own, SEO and content marketing are both important tools, but if you do both really well together at the same time the outcome for your business is just phenomenal!

So let’s take a closer look at the differences between SEO and content marketing and find out why they are so incredibly powerful when used in partnership together.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is basically the way search engines such as Google find and rank websites in search results.

Good SEO is all about knowing the right keywords and phrases to drive traffic to your website.

When someone types something into Google – such as a request for information, a ‘how to”, searching for some information around your service or your product – SEO ensures your website comes up high on page one so that someone will click on your listing and go to your website.

People Trust Google

Google is the most trusted source of information in the modern day, so if someone really wants to know something the first place they’ll go for information is Google.

If your website comes high up on page one of Google in an organic search – which means a free search, not a paid ad – then the person who typed their search into Google already has a feeling of trust when they land on your website.

They trust Google to send them to a site that has good information, so you’re already ahead of the game if you get your traffic from Google listings.

Google sends traffic to your website for free

SEO is incredibly valuable because once you’re on page one of Google traffic comes to your website for free.

Day after day, week after week, month after month.

You’re not paying for advertising to be on page one of Google.

And the traffic just keeps rolling in.

This free Google traffic is incredibly powerful.

Content positions you as an expert

Content marketing involves putting content out into the digital space around your area of expertise and your business.

Your content positions you as an expert, provides information and is also a trust builder.

But, here’s the trick.

You need to ensure you put that content primarily on your own website and then make sure your content is optimised for Google.

If Google can read it well then the combination of your SEO and content marketing is a double whammy.

So when you take the time to create content for your business…always, always put it on your website. That’s the primary place for content because you will reap the rewards.

Trust builds traffic

Because Google is the most trusted source of information and your content has already built trust in you as an expert, the power of those blogs and case studies you’ve written will begin to multiply over and over.

And all of a sudden you’ll find that leads and enquiries and phone calls are just dropping into your business day after day after day…

…without you having to do a huge amount of work.

Which is why SEO and content marketing really are a marriage made in heaven.

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