Australia without Google – where’s the opportunity?

Posted by Deb Croucher | February 8, 2021

You’ve no doubt heard that Google is threatening to make its Search Engine unavailable in Australia.

They are unhappy about a proposed government bill which will control how much Google and other tech giants have to pay for professional news articles shared on their platforms.

Similarly, Facebook is also vowing to stop Aussie users from posting or sharing news links if the proposed bill becomes law.

Of course, if Google does disappear from our screens, Aussies will find other ways to search online (Bing, DuckDuckGo, Yahoo etc) and our world will keep turning.

In turn, this will open the flood gates for other governments to play hardball with the tech giants, probably something Google doesn’t want.

So, it seems to me unlikely that Australia will find itself without Google.

But say they do go, what opportunity opens up for us?

Bing - 35% of the search volume in the US

If you’re not familiar with Bing, it’s Microsoft’s search engine. In Australia, it only has 3.5% of the market share while in the US it generates a massive 35% of search results.

If you do some searches on Bing, you’ll find the results are very similar to Google. You certainly won’t be missing out on valuable information. The shift is easy.

But what about the ranking of your business?

The good news is that everything we do to rank your website on Google works on Bing.

So, the focus we have at Brilliant Digital on quality content that is highly relevant to your market on a well-structured, user-friendly website is precisely what Bing is looking for.

Our content team are meticulous about on-page SEO, making sure we use keywords consistently through URLs, descriptions, title tags and page content and making sure every article is correctly linked into the existing website structure.

This attention to detail has become less necessary over recent years on Google because of the engine’s ability to understand content items’ intent. But in the case of Bing, which is a little less sophisticated, this text-heavy detail is well-rewarded.

So, we might find that Brilliant Digital clients do even better on free search if Google walks away.

And as far as the other smaller players are concerned, Yahoo is powered by Bing, so the same rules apply. And DuckDuckgo, Ask and the others work on very similar principles.

Advertising opportunity on Bing

The cost per click for search advertising on Bing is significantly lower than Google.

We currently use the platform very sparingly because in Australia the search volume just isn’t there, but we can easily switch your campaigns to Bing and get the same results there should it become a more dominant engine.

We expect that for our clients targeting international markets, we will still be able to use Google to reach new customers overseas.

And of course, social media will continue to be an important part of the digital marketing mix.

If you’d like to chat about the search opportunity for your business or any other aspect of digital marketing, contact us for more information.

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