Google Made Search Advertising Even Easier

Google’s Enhanced Campaigns are now old news but they will shortly be the norm.  In July 2013, if you haven’t already upgraded your search advertising campaigns to Enhanced, Google will do it for you so it’s important to understand the changes.

The Enhanced Campaign capability was launched in a bid to streamline the process of advertising to the multi-screened audience that every business owner should now target.

Search Advertising

Contextual Targeting

So not only does Google pinpoint your interested audience through keyword matching but now, with enhanced search advertising campaigns, you can target ads relevant to the context of that audience – by device, location, time of day – all within one campaign.

For example: a shop owner might target an online sale ad to people using computers and tablets where they can browse the full website.  Then target a special “in-store” offer to people browsing for their products using a mobile device during opening hours within a couple of km of the shop.

Streamlined Analysis

Reports are now embedded throughout the Google Adwords interface.  Gone are the days of having to pull data from Adwords and Analytics and try to manually match the two.

In the Settings tab you see what device people are using when they see a campaign and can adjust BIDs for different devices as needed.

Through the Dimensions tab, you can see results from all sorts of angles, within that campaign.  This kind of data used to only be available at Analytics level.  Then assuming the link has been set, you can pull Analytics data into Adwords to see what’s happening beyond the click saving a huge amount of time and energy!

Optimising results to get a better ROI is now so much more realistic.

At Brilliant Blue we embrace search advertising changes and keep our clients campaigns up-to-speed with technological advancements.  We are passionate about doing what is necessary to get your website seen in the right places at the right time.

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