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My name’s Sarah Joyce and I’m a Digital Storyteller at Brilliant Digital.

My professional background is in TV. I was a professional writer and producer for children’s TV for about 15 years.

Every day is different

I work on many diverse accounts. Right now I’m writing about luxury boating which is tremendous fun…

So day to day I will do everything from blog posts to updating websites or crafting social media spots for Facebook and Linkedin.

This morning I was doing a press release. All sorts of different challenges.

But the common theme is that we’re always bringing in the story into every bit of content that we create.

Clients all have the same challenges

If there’s a single issue that all our clients have, it’s that they’re all extremely time poor. They simply don’t have the time to get their social media out or update their content on the website. That is something we do for them.

Another important aspect is consistency. It’s really critical for these businesses to have a consistent message and tone of voice. That’s something we’re very good at.

The power of storytelling

Storytelling works so well with our clients because it gives them a point of difference in the marketplace.

It makes what they’re doing or selling very relatable. Stories engage and instantly draw an audience in. It also helps to foster a brand identity and bring out the personality of the client’s business.

Think of a story as like adding the music to the client’s brand. It captivates. It thrills. It takes you on a journey. It has its own internal rhythms and beats. And it should have an emotive power that goes beyond the transactional and clicks on an immediate level.

Ultimately stories give the clients something totally unique that no one else has.

Great resolutions make everyone happy

Getting a great outcome for a client is incredibly satisfying. There’s so much content being put out into the world that when you cut through the noise and get a really good result it’s quite amazing.

Shared values

The value that drives me the most is quality. I like to do a really great job.

What’s also important is generosity of spirit. That’s making sure that everyone on the team is feeling good. If you’re giving criticism or offering feedback, you make sure you find the positive in it.

Respect is very important. We’re all working remotely so it’s vital to show that you respect everyone’s time and everyone’s effort.

Brilliant Digital creates a welcoming culture

What I’ve always loved about Brilliant Digital is the inclusiveness.

Deb was incredibly welcoming when I first started. She hasn’t changed. She’s always there with a smile and encouragement. Even if something’s not quite on the mark she finds a way to give it a positive spin and that’s just so rewarding and you feel valued all the time.

Everyone is very lovely and generous and it’s a really positive culture that’s being created.

When I’m not working

I’m still working! But on my own writing. I exercise every day so I don’t turn into a hunchback. And I go out a lot. I see a lot of music, a lot of theatre, and I look after my three children.

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