Sara Keli

Sara Keli, Client Manager

I love my job because it offers new challenges every day.
My background is in HR and psychology so people and relationships are at the heart of everything I do.

Storytelling – it’s all about the people

The key to storytelling for me is to draw out the stories and personalities that go into dreaming up a business and making it work.

The crux of storytelling is to imagine who will be reading my work, long after I’m gone, and what they will be looking for. I write to help them connect with my clients both now and in the future.

Something for me

I’m a mum and I love my kids to bits, but I am just someone who needs to work.

Working with Brilliant Digital means I get to do something for me and to be a role model for my kids – they can see that they can go out and chase their dreams. They don’t have to choose between their family and their passion. It’s nice to know I can still be successful as me and do what I love each day. Brilliant Digital offers amazing opportunities. I had a deadline recently that corresponded with a family holiday. It was no drama. I just got up earlier and found myself thoroughly enjoying writing my piece, whilst gazing out at the mountains and the trees with my cup of tea. How many work places would be ok with that? It’s very special.

Going the extra mile

Brilliant Digital has opened the door for me to many new experiences both in terms of writing and meeting the most amazing people. The flexibility is second to none, but I think the thing that characterises Brilliant Digital the most is the amazing team. Everyone is here for the right reasons. It’s a real credit to Deb and Jo that they’ve put together a team of people who really care about what we do, who will all go the extra mile to make things happen. Everyone has the same mindset – it’s all for the client.

Variety and autonomy

Every day is different. This week I’ve been writing about sewer vents and travelling in South America. There’s a very high level of autonomy which I appreciate. There is no politicking or earning your stripes here at Brilliant Digital. You are treated as a professional from the start. Having said that, it is a hugely supportive environment, and the team are very encouraging when it comes to trying new things and pushing your comfort zones.

I have two daughters under 5 so between looking after the kids and working on the e-magazine and community I have built for other mums, my days are pretty full. My dream day would be hanging out with my family. Picking fruit off our trees, cooking with the kids. Family is really important to me – it’s that relationship thing again. I like to create opportunities for the next generation to build strong relationships with each other. I think that’s going to be my legacy, both personally and professionally – relationships.

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