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Hi, I’m Sam Smith. I’m a digital storyteller with a curious mind and enjoy finding the hook in a good tale.

My professional journey began in the UK, in TV. I directed and produced wildlife documentaries and wrote scripts for narration, and I also wrote development documents for pitching at a production company.

Writing narration for TV programs is very much like writing for the web. It’s very active language — essential in the work I do for our clients at Brilliant Digital.

My background is in storytelling — I can take a lot of information and pull out the best bits. Finding the crux of the story is essential when you are marketing businesses in the digital day and age, where there is so much content on the web.


When I moved to Perth, I carried on working in TV, writing narration scripts and pitching documents. I also made documentaries for the ABC and the Discovery Channel, as well as with large corporations.

After having my children, Katie and Anna, I focussed more on development writing and script consulting.

I have worked with a huge variety of people in different industries, from large accounting firms, to meeting animal volunteers; and I am good at forming relationships with people— this has been invaluable in my ability to connect with and get to know our customers at Brilliant Digital.

My family and I stayed in Perth until 2010 at which time the warm shores of Sydney’s Northern Beaches beckoned. I briefly ran an e-commerce business which was a good foundation and introduction to the digital world, but I was keen to focus on storytelling (with flexible work arrangements!) and I was fortunate to meet Deb Croucher and join the Brilliant Digital Team.

Working with the team at Brilliant Digital is amazing! Being a creative spirit, I love the story telling opportunities in my work. Not only is the team supportive and helpful, but we are lucky to work, and develop long-term relationships, with lovely clients too.

Seeing the results of my writing come to life and have an impact is immensely satisfying.

I think a great storyteller has a curious mind and loves learning and trying new things. And to achieve that, I believe the cliché of “a healthy body leads to a healthy mind” is true.

Fitness is my release, and I love a good walk or Pilates class. You’ll often find me walking along Freshwater Beach – it makes me feel re-energised and inspired. Simply magical!

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