What is Remarketing?

Remarketing is a feature of internet advertising that allows you to track who has visited your website. If you can track that person you can then cross-sell, up-sell or target special promotions to those people.

For example, your online shop sells computer equipment and accessories. Someone looks at laptops on your site. They then continue to look around the web. While they are looking around, you target an ad to them which pops up on their page telling them about your special on a specific brand of laptops.

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When to use Remarketing

Remarketing drives results for all types of advertisers, no matter what the focus of your campaigns (brand-oriented, performance-driven, etc.) or your type of ad format.

It adds a strategic component to your campaign planning. You go beyond the needle in the haystack! Once your future customer has found you (through Search or by clicking on an ad on a website), you can target them again to remind them how much they want to love you ☺

How does it work?

Remarketing is only possible where a network of sites have agreed to host re-marketing technology. The most obvious of these is Google.
Google’s display network is a group of websites who have agreed to host Google ads. To remarket within the Google network, you add a piece of code (remarketing tag) to pages of your site that contain products or categories you’d like to promote.

As people visit those pages, their cookie ID will be added to your list which will subsequently be used by your remarketing campaign.

In this case, you add a tag for ‘laptop’ on all pages selling laptops. This allows you to later show special deals on laptops to anyone looking at a Google display network site who previously laptop pages.

The Remarketing Model

1. Drive traffic to your website using Search ads
2. Visitor looks at a tagged page on your website
3. Cookie ID is added to your remarketing list
4. The same person visits a website within the Google Display Network
5. Your remarketing ad is displayed

That is remarketing in a nutshell!

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