How can quality website content grow your business?

Posted by Brilliant Team | November 19, 2021

Put simply, your website is not just a platform to sell your product or service.

Quality content on each page of your website will attract more customers, build consumer confidence in your offering and keep customers returning.

The key to growing your business is creative content. Of course, it must be useful content for consumers and refreshed regularly.

Even Google agrees – quality content ranks websites higher. The dream for any business is to be on page one of a Google search. We’ll tell you how that works.

The first step is to know what customers are looking for.

Customers will always ask: "What’s in it for me?"

There is no doubt that before consumers buy anything, they need to understand the benefits of a product or service. This is particularly true for high value purchases that may change lives, such as financial or legal services. Website content is the ideal platform to deliver this information and educate the consumer.

Quality website content can explain all the details and benefits of your product or service, so people know exactly what’s in it for them. For example, site pages that feature the services you provide, how you manufacture a product, the history of the organisation or introducing team members. This detail connects new customers to your business and generates consumer confidence. Updating content on each site page also keeps consumers educated, and it builds trust in your expertise.

In addition, creating new content and promoting it regularly, like weekly blogs, interesting case studies or industry articles can establish your website as a reliable source of quality information.

Consumers will return to your site, simply to seek information. In the long term this is building a trusted brand for you. Frequent and fresh content like a blog is the perfect platform to tell consumers about the benefits of your offering.

Creative content that’s easy to read can build product awareness and promote its benefits. Even if consumers are not ready to purchase, quality content should leave no doubts in consumer minds about what’s in it for them. When the time is right to buy, it’s your website that will be the natural go-to.

Even Google agrees, content is king

Here’s how Google works. For each website, Google crawls through every site page and indexes the content, analysing how it can be useful for users, and it ranks the website accordingly.

This ranking is important to businesses because it translates into the list of search results for users.

The principle behind Google’s ranking is based on the expertise and authority of the content. Google calls it the E-A-T ranking factor (Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness).

Basically, to rank highly on Google searches, content must be credible, reliable and useful for the user. It’s true that the Google algorithm to index websites is still a secret. However, Google’s goal is clear…

…understand the user’s intent and deliver relevant information quickly. And we can all agree that Google is achieving this goal. Nine consumers out of 10 are using Google Chrome to search online in Australia. 90% of Australia and 60% of the world’s population inherently trust Google to provide the most relevant information for our search queries.

Most of us have ‘Googled it’ at some point in time. We all use Google to clarify details, get to the news source or seek further details on a topic. So, to rank highly on a Google search, websites need quality information that answers consumer queries. This includes blogs on websites. Copywriters need to predict the queries that consumers will write in that Google search box and produce content to answer those queries.

Producing good quality website content will be valued by Google. It will help your business appear on page one of a Google consumer search, which helps your business to grow organically from there.

Yes, technical features matter

Behind each successful website there are technical features which web developers and SEO experts can help you with. Keywords are critical. There is a huge amount of data on the value of individual words and what consumers are searching for online. SEO experts spend time researching and carefully choosing keywords to use in blogs and sprinkle through your website. The right words paired with interesting and useful information ensure Google connects your website with consumer searches.

A well-designed website is also important. Firstly, it’s about ensuring a great user experience. If a website flows and a user can find information easily that satisfies their needs, a purchase or goal conversion will be inevitable. Consumers are also more likely to write a great testimony or recommend a website if they have had a great and smooth experience.

However, if the site does not flow easily for consumers, or a link directs them to the wrong page or something just doesn’t work, the consumer clicks to the next website instantly.

Secondly, if Google can easily index a website and all its pages, it will rank it highly. This includes links within your website and to other sites.

The cycle of Google goodness

When a customer values a website, Google notices the actions they take and there is a cycle of goodness that follows.

Happy customers spend more time on a site, return to it regularly, provide a testimonial, refer a friend, share an article on social media and sign up to a newsletter… which means they return to the site the next month.

Google notices these actions. Google does not rank per click but places value on that website for those actions.

The more activity on the website, the higher it’s ranked. Google presumes that the site holds good credibility and relevance for users.

So, in turn, the site continues to appear on page one of consumers’ searches.

Partner with experts in Google-friendly content

At Brilliant Digital, we’ve gone through the timely exercise of sourcing content creators from across Australia who are masters in the craft of writing content that both consumers and Google love. We’re also proud of our official Google partnership, which greatly benefits all our clients.

Partnering with us as a full-service digital agency means the best people in the business will be crafting your content.

Contact us today to start the conversation.

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