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Long-term results across all industry sectors

At Brilliant Digital, our team of digital solutions experts are on top of trends and changes in the world of digital search. Everything we do is optimised for search, making sure your website ranks so your target market can easily find you.

Proven expertise

Brilliant Digital has delivered hugely successful, professional SEO services since 2009.

Search engine optimisation, or SEO, is woven through the fabric of everything we do at Brilliant Digital.

In the words of our founder, Deb Croucher, “Effective SEO that delivers sustained business growth and a return on investment cannot be an afterthought. It must be a key strategic consideration throughout all website and digital marketing planning and execution.”

Our expert team of strategists, designers, coders, writers and digital marketers are all meticulously trained to optimise their work for Google so we can get the best possible outcome for you.

From the first discovery session, through website planning and build and right through to measuring lead volume and quality, we always consider Google and how we can best harvest its immense power for our clients.

In Deb’s words, “Over 20 years of immersing myself in websites, search and social media marketing, I’ve seen many trends come and go… but the one constant in it all has been Google. Google organic traffic has consistently delivered the best return on investment to us and our clients year after year.”

Proven system

Contrary to some opinions… SEO is not a dark art.

Results come from persistent, sustained effort, following Google’s very clear guidelines.

At Brilliant Digital, our professional SEO services follow a proven process, which includes:

  • choosing a niche that you can reasonably tackle now
  • building in flexibility for growth
  • structuring¬† your website to deliver the right organic traffic
  • building your website in a technically correct way for Google
  • planning and creating compelling content that delivers the right traffic and educates your market
  • managing all on-page and off-page SEO requirements
  • measuring results, including lead volume and quality
  • strategically refining our efforts for the best return on investment.

Anyone can study the theory behind SEO. The difference at Brilliant Digital is our level and depth of experience, acquired across multiple industry sectors over many, many years. We know what’s possible for your business and can devise and execute the best possible strategy to get you there.

Sustained results

Brilliant Digital websites and SEO deliver many millions of dollars’ worth of business to Australian companies every year.

Our clients enjoy sustained, long-term business growth, thanks to ever increasing volumes of relevant organic traffic.

In the words of one of our long-standing clients,

“Our website is our hardest working employee. Traffic from Google delivers many high quality educated leads every week.”

You can read some of our digital marketing results case studies here.

Professional SEO services include:

  • Strategic, integrated approach
  • Proven website framework
  • Compelling SEO content
  • All on-page and off-page elements
  • Measuring results and refining
  • Partnering with you long-term

Long-term partnership

At Brilliant Digital, we aim to build a long-term, trusted relationship with every client.

Our SEO solutions are done for you… but we work closely with you at every stage and do everything we can to make sure the leads we send you are qualified and educated.

We always work to find solutions to challenges and innovative ways to tackle new markets.

Through ongoing content production, we build you a powerful digital footprint that will deliver the organic traffic you need to get ahead and stay ahead of your competition.

Starting the conversation

If you’d like to start a conversation with us about our professional SEO services, please contact us for an initial phone call.

During this call we will ask you some questions about your business, make an initial assessment of your existing SEO and answer any questions you have about us.

From there, if there looks to be a fit for working together, we will explain the next step, which includes a detailed discovery session with one of our digital strategists.

At every stage our goal is simple.

Results for you.


How do you assess my existing SEO?

Our process starts by understanding your business and goals. We then assess your existing website, Google Analytics and Search Console results and discuss lead quality with you. From there we can create an SEO strategy that will deliver the results you are looking for.

How do you keep pace with Google's algorithm?

Our SEO experts have been working with Google for over 20 years. In that time there has been a big shift in Google towards listing websites that provide a genuine experience for website visitors. For a company like Brilliant Digital which has always focused on the market, this has been a really exciting change and has meant that our clients’ websites do better and better every year. Our approach is to follow Google’s guidelines, do the technical things right and focus firmly on your market. The results speak for themselves.

How long will the process take?

We follow a proven process with every client we work with. SEO success does not come overnight. SEO is a long-term play, where you build trust with Google over time by creating superb content on a technically correct platform.  There is always an initial project phase to strategise and then fix the issues you have, followed by an ongoing content creation strategy that delivers the month on month, year on year growth.

Will you produce all the content?

Our team of digital content producers have many years of experience producing digital content that delivers business and brand growth. Our content team includes writers, video producers and photographers. We regularly produce content on everything from luxury yachts to advanced manufacturing. We will produce all the content that drives your SEO results.

How much time will my team and I need to invest in the process?

Our goal throughout is to make as efficient use as possible of your time. In most cases, we gather the information we need from you through interviews over Zoom or phone, which reduces the need for you to write anything.

Who will be working on my SEO?

You will have a dedicated brand strategist, project manager, content producer and client manager working on your website as well as our design and development team. Each member of our team is experienced and highly skilled at what they do.

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