Here are 5 reasons your business needs a professional content creator

Posted by Brilliant Team | January 17, 2022

Content… it’s a curious thing, isn’t it?

Everyone can ‘write’, sure. But not everyone can write to really build brand trust, hook an online audience in a crowded digital space and spur a reader into action. Let’s talk about why your business needs the skills of a professional content creator.

1. The use of a proper skillset

You already know this, but here’s a reminder: there’s no one person who’s great at everything. Managing a successful business and being able to write compelling content are two very different things.

We’re not saying no business owners can write. But think of it this way: Jamie Oliver may have impressive cooking skills, but you won’t expect him to perform brain surgery.

We understand that you might be precious about the management of each aspect of your business – which is perfectly fine and initially necessary for the growth of your business.

Also remember that it takes a village. Trust others for their expertise. Rely on the specialist skills of a proper content creator, such as SEO, interviewing, brand development, researching and storytelling skills to do what they do best… while you focus on your business.

2. Been around the block

While you might be relatively new at marketing your business online, many professional content creators already have experience writing for other clients in your field. Employing such a writer is a good way of using industry-specific knowledge to build your digital brand.

A writer who’s been creating digital content for some time might be able to tell you from experience which types of media will work best for your messaging and which keyword strategies are more likely to yield results over others.

For Google to rank you in search results, you need a content creator who has mastered the art of skilfully combining important SEO elements like keywords, title tags, meta descriptions and content user journey.

These skills take time to develop – that’s why you’ll benefit from a professional who’s been around the block.

3. Objectivity is worth gold

Chances are you’re very close to your content and digital messaging. It’s easy to fall into the trap of creating content that YOU like, rather than curating it specifically for your target audience (which, by the way, is NOT you.)

So, get some fresh eyes on your content. A professional content creator can identify ideas or connections that may be missing but you haven’t noticed because you’ve been nose-down into the words for so long.

A skillful writer is also able to point out areas where your content can be simplified or where the messaging does not connect well with your audience.

Allowing change to happen by moving towards a more objective view can save you a lot in time, money and resources.

4. Consistency is key

Haven’t we all done it? You set out to upload regular blog posts for your business’s website. It goes well for a month or two and then… nothing for the rest of the year.

And that’s OK, because you’re better off spending your time focusing on what you do best – growing your business.

It’s therefore extremely helpful to pay a professional content creator to upload regular, search engine optimised content so that you consistently grow your brand trust and grow as a thought leader in your field.

Consistency in content creation is key… and wouldn’t it be nice to delegate that responsibility to a professional?

5. Your website is simply too important

If the last two years have taught us one thing, it’s this: your website isn’t just there for reference or a nice-to-have. It’s increasingly becoming the most important sales tool you have – supported by elements like digital advertising, social media, word of mouth referrals, broadcast and print media.

Your website is simply too important to treat it as an afterthought. Users are immediately put off by a website with poorly written content, grammar errors and outdated information.

Nowadays you simply cannot afford to NOT nail your digital brand messaging. Without a professional content creator, your website will likely not reach its full potential.

Invest in a professional content creator

Investing in professional content services might be the best thing you do for your business this year.

At Brilliant Digital, our team of content producers works closely with our digital marketing experts and project managers so that they have a strategic, full-scope view across all our clients’ digital tools.

By not working in silos, we are able to deliver a comprehensive, strategic digital marketing solution to our clients that encompasses so many different aspects of your digital brand.

Trust us to take care of your digital content so that you can take care of running your business.

Call us today to start the conversation.

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