Working from home? Do these four things to increase productivity

While many people, including school kids and uni students, are these days forced to work from home for the first time in their lives… at Brilliant Digital, we’ve embraced the WFH culture for, well… many years.

So, we know a thing or two about being productive at home (and avoiding the temptation to hit play on your favourite Netflix show during ‘office hours’).

We asked some of our team members to share with you their biggest tips to increase productivity when working from home.

A woman writing her to do list

Stay super organised

Isn’t that the best feeling in the entire world… crossing off an item from your to-do list?

Create visual aids in your workspace that offer a clear view of everything you need to do – all categorised neatly. There are so many handy organising templates and tools available online to choose from.

Set your goals, prioritise them clearly and get one task done at a time. Multitasking won’t save time… it’s just a breeding ground for anxiety.

“I’ve found being organised has many benefits, such as stress relief, better sleep, an increase in my personal time… and just an overall healthier lifestyle,” says Angelina Gialamas, our administration assistant at Brilliant Digital.

Hand of a woman working on laptop with background of plants

Set up a dedicated workspace

This is crucial in creating clear boundaries between work and play. Your workspace should be functional, comfortable and calming.

It should also have a definite boundary – whether that’s a door or your computer’s off switch.

Working from home means having easy access to your workspace any time of night or day, just to get those last-minute tasks done.

But beware – it’s easy to spiral into an all-work-no-play situation. Switching off from work is crucial, so be sure to create physical and mental boundaries to down tools and take a breather.

Having a dedicated workspace has helped me define the boundaries between home and work. It means you can shut your computer or your workspace door at the end of the day,” says Leah Jeffreys, our Accounts and Admin Manager at Brilliant Digital.

Man in video conference with colleagues

Stay connected

Transitioning from a social space where you have continuous access to your colleagues to being all by yourself in your home can be quite isolating.

For those of us who thrive on social connection and constant collaboration, working remotely can definitely have a psychological impact if you’re not actively staying connected with others.

At Brilliant Digital, we know how important a good brainstorming or even social catchup session can be… and we do it via Zoom, phone calls, social communication platforms and texts.

And although we’re physically far from each other, we’re a tight-knit team and we’ve cultivated some amazing, everlasting friendships… all through communicating digitally.

Whether it’s a morning huddle with your entire team via Zoom or just a daily check-in with your manager, staying connected can really help to bring the energy levels up in the morning,” says Elena Davis, Brilliant Digital Marketing Coordinator.

Woman drinking coffee in sun sitting outdoor

Soak up the sun!

We all know how important this. Yet, on days where we’re under the pump, we tend to forget to lift up our butts and get some fresh air.

We can’t emphasise enough how beneficial daily fresh air is for your mental wellbeing and your concentration levels. Even if lockdown keeps you from going for walks where you’d normally go – your garden or patio or balcony are good enough – just pop your head outside!

“You’d be surprised how much more productive you can be when you recharge. I try to take a 10 minute break from my screen every 60 minutes to get some sunshine or fresh air,” says Stephanie Croucher, Senior Project Manager at Brilliant Digital.

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