What we do

First, we fix your website so it delivers the right leads. Then we partner with you to market your website and grow the lead volume. Our 5-step process works for any established business that operates well and delivers great products or services.

1. Discovery & Goals

Our relationship starts with a half or full day discovery session to uncover:

  • where you are now
  • where you want to go
  • what’s working and what’s not
  • where the roadblocks and problems are

After this session we’ll give you clear steps, recommendations and risks.

2. Mobilisation & Plan

Mobilisation involves a deep dive into your business with you and other key team members.

We analyse:

  • your website and its tracking data
  • social media and other marketing
  • supply and demand on Google
  • the competitive digital landscape

From there we create a robust marketing plan and roll up our sleeves.

3. Fix Website

Next, we fix your website so it delivers the right leads.

Our team of:

  • digital strategists and project managers
  • writers and video producers
  • designers and programmers and
  • search engine optimisation (SEO) specialists

are all at the leading edge of the fast moving digital world.

For you, fixing your website is swift and painless and requires very little of your time.

4. Market & Maintain

To get the lead volume you are looking for, we have to drive the right traffic to your website.  Our marketing experts work with key people in your team to:

  • create content and maintain your website
  • create and manage advertising and social media campaigns
  • email your database
  • monitor and refine the SEO

The result is an outsourced, expert marketing solution that dovetails with your organisation.

5. Measure - Modify

Measurement is the key to continued improvement and smart modification.

We present you with key metrics, at least monthly, including:

  • month on month growth
  • year on year growth
  • any anomalies or concerns
  • any stand out results
  • our recommendations

We then work with key members of your team to implement any changes or maintain the winning strategy.

Dennis Zilic from OSA talks about working with us

“The process was very painless. I wasn’t relied upon to do anything other than to proofread the website at the end.

Personally, I don’t have to put much time into it on an ongoing basis. The storyteller sends me information each week. She asks me to read the newsletter and asks if there’s anything I want changed. Brilliant Digital is now in touch with all my key staff, so if it’s a product suite that they’re involved in, they deal with them directly.

It was a smooth transition to the outsourced solution – painless and easy. Brilliant Digital is the go-to company for websites and digital marketing.”  Read case study

Craig Hannam from WFA on measuring ROI

“My background is in accounting and finance so I’m a numbers man. So for me, it’s important to understand where we are getting a return on investment.

“The wonderful thing about digital marketing is the ability to analyse the different sectors of your strategy to determine whether it’s worth continuing the investment. It is good to be able to see clearly where we are getting a return on the revenue we are putting in.” Read case study

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