The Brilliant Digital Process

The thing our clients love most about our process is that it delivers results without pain. Our method is efficient and effective. We know the shortest route to the most profitable outcome leaving our clients free to get on with running their company.

1. Listen - Discover - Goals

Our relationship starts with listening to you and seeking to understand your business.

We ask strategic questions to discover

  • the business core purpose and niche,
  • who your customers are and the key problems they face,
  • how your products and services solve customer problems and
  • the vision and drive behind your founder and key team members.

We also determine your goals and what a successful marketing outcome looks like… we begin with the end in mind.

2. Plan - Strategy - Message

Next, we research the market, analyse your competition and draw on our experience and expertise to formulate a marketing plan. We present the plan to you in person.

After sign off the first stage in implementing this plan is a deep dive into your business with key executive and technical staff.

Four stories – customer, business, product/service and team are the raw materials of your brand message.

Armed with the detail from these four stories, our writers roll up their sleeves and create a clear and compelling message.

3. Create - Design - Build

The next phase is to create a beautifully designed and expertly coded storytelling website which will deliver qualified leads when we drive traffic to it.

Our project managers coordinate the team of storytellers, designers, programmers and search engine optimisation (SEO) specialists. Brilliant Digital websites are robust, loved by Google, mobile friendly… and most of all…. effective.

We also create advertising banners, social media channels, mail templates and layers of trust building blogs and case studies.

4. Launch - Connect - Remarket

Launching your content into the digital space is exciting.

We use a mixture of

  • Google and social media advertising and retargeting
  • search engine optimisation
  • database marketing and
  • organic social media posting

The right mix varies for every business we work with and depends on the industry, level of competition and desired outcome.

5. Measure - Refine - Grow

Digital marketing is changing the game because you can measure the results and do more of what works and less of what doesn’t.

At Brilliant Digital we record a number of key metrics and use our experience and expertise to make changes and drive towards an ever increasing return on investment.

We add more storytelling content to your website every week which keeps the website up to date, builds trust, grows free Google traffic and provides fresh material for social media and newsletters.

The result is an ever growing digital footprint… and ultimately… more dollars in the bank for our clients.

Dennis Zilic from OSA talks about the process

“The [Brilliant Digital] process was very painless. I wasn’t relied upon to do anything other than to proofread the website at the end and tell them what I thought.

Personally, I don’t have to put much time into it on an ongoing basis. [Brilliant Digital’s storyteller] sends me information each week. She asks me to read the newsletter and asks if there’s anything I want changed. Brilliant Digital is now in touch with all my key staff, so if it’s a product suite that they’re involved in they deal with them directly.

It was a smooth transition to the outsourced solution – painless and easy. Brilliant Digital is the go-to company for digital marketing.”

Craig Hannam from WFA on measuring ROI

“My background is in accounting and finance so I’m a numbers man. So for me, it’s important to understand where we are getting a return on investment.

“The wonderful thing about digital marketing is the ability to analyse the different sectors of your strategy to determine whether it’s worth continuing the investment. If you run an ad in the local paper you can’t tell whether you’re getting a ROI. It is good to be able to understand where we are getting a return on the revenue we are putting in.”

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