How to Improve Your PPC Advertising Results

If you want to improve your PPC advertising campaign you firstly need to discover what is working and what is not.

Here’s how you can use Google Analytics to get the information you need.

Audience Activity

When you log in to Google Analytics you will see a snapshot of data about the movements of your audience. The main points you need to focus on improving month by month are:

Average Visit Duration: the longer someone spends on your site, the more likely an action will result. If the time shown here is less than a minute, ask yourself why? Does your website need a new look? Is there enough content to keep people interested? Are people finding what they want or is the landing page poorly related to the advert?

Bounce Rate: this indicates the percentage of visitors that landed on your site then left without looking at another page. You want the Bounce Rate to be low. If it is greater than 50%, your landing page needs an overhaul.

Both of these metrics can be seen at different levels of analysis. We are most interested in what’s happening at keyword and conversion level.

Traffic Sources in PPC Advertising

Traffic Sources show where people have come from to get to your site.

In Traffic Sources, click on Sources>All Traffic and you’ll see a list showing how people arrived at your site. For each, you will find the two metrics mentioned above.
This is the start of your true analysis.

If you are running ads through different mediums, this is the simplest way to see which of your ad campaigns are keeping people on your site.

PPC Advertising Results

Recently Google added a new feature linking Adwords to Analytics in the Adwords interface. So, those key metrics and more can now be seen against the results of your ad campaigns.

This is very exciting for optimising campaigns as it saves a heap of time!

There is a bit of setup time involved but once it’s done, there’s no more skipping between Adwords and Analytics to find out which search terms are working best for you.

To setup the link goto:

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