Pete Croucher, Sales Director

One of my favourite things in life is helping someone achieve something of which they never dreamed they were capable. I love seeing people reach their full potential. It’s even better when it’s several levels above where they were aiming!

Strategy and growth

My strengths lie in seeing possibilities in both people and businesses. I’m good at identifying what’s needed in order to achieve goals and navigating the best way to get there.

I get excited about opportunities for growth. When I see an employee or a client step out of their comfort zone, challenge themselves and start moving forward into what they were born to do, I find that really rewarding.

Digital marketing

Everyone needs digital marketing. To succeed in today’s world, a creative, responsive website and a winning digital marketing strategy are no longer optional. Unless you are an expert in the field yourself, you need an honest, reliable digital marketing company to look after you and your business.

The Brilliant Digital difference

We are so much more than a content marketing agency or a website optimisation company. We offer the total solution. Our clients can concentrate on their business, knowing that their marketing strategy and delivery are in professional hands and their investment is safe.

I believe it’s our values that set Brilliant Digital apart. We partner with our clients and we are invested in their success. We believe in respect, kindness, honesty, hard work and ‘everything for the client’. We live out our values in our work lives and our personal lives. And we simply don’t work with people who don’t share our ethics.

Because of these values, we can’t be ‘yes men’ to our clients. We want long-term success for our customers, and we will hold fast to what we know will bring them the greatest benefit.

By standing our ground, we are able to bring our best work each and every time. Each client deserves something uniquely created for their individual business, and we will always go above and beyond to deliver that.

A unique culture

Our culture at Brilliant Digital is extraordinary. We work across different cities and even across different countries at times.

Each of our clients receives the attention of a legion of experts including a client manager, content producers, web design and development specialists, photographers, videographers, SEO specialists and more, but we are such a cohesive team.

We know that each person involved is going to bring home something amazing, on time and on budget.

Seeing the magic come together is what we live for. Exceeding clients’ expectations and seeing them happy makes every ounce of extra effort worth it.

Collaboration the key to success

We are collaborators by nature at Brilliant Digital. We push each other to new heights. Each one of the digital marketing experts in our team is a handpicked specialist in their field, and our staff’s opinions are invaluable. It’s actually one of my favourite things about working with Brilliant Digital.

I’m always open to a conversation. I think it’s one of the best ways I learn. We strive to maintain a very nurturing environment, but we will always encourage our people to challenge their comfort zones.

We offer a lot of support, and it’s amazing the results when you give your staff the freedom to do what they do best. Our team members are the leaders in our organisation. They create the gold. They really are incredible.

Family man

I’m a family man at heart. I’m a really lucky guy. I have four beautiful daughters and I’ve managed to create a life where I can do pretty much what I want to do. If there is something I want, I’m at the stage of my life where I know how to create it.

Time with my family and friends is really important to me. I enjoy cooking and there’s nothing better than making a big meal and sitting around the table eating with my loved ones. It’s quality time that I value very highly.

When I’m not working or with my family, my favourite times are when I realise I actually have spare time!!

I play the drums, and as I walk towards my drum kit – there’s always this moment of unadulterated glee – knowing I’m going to be uninterrupted and can be as loud and sweaty and focused as I like – that’s always going to be a great day.

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Client Success Stories

We take a long-term view of our own business… and that’s how we view our relationships with our clients. In most cases, our work starts with improving the digital brand and clearly articulating the value proposition of an already successful company. We then move to create a business website that delivers the right leads and deliver ongoing digital marketing and integrated software solutions. We measure results in terms of business growth and increases in operational efficiency. In the end, the strength of the relationships we have with our clients speaks the loudest.

Danrae Group

Danrae Group

After working with Brilliant Digital on a complete digital marketing strategy, Danrae Group’s CEO, Daniel Caruana, was pleased to see that their new website grew from strength to strength.



Working with Brilliant Digital has transformed the Romar business so it can compete on the global manufacturing stage all the way from Western Sydney.

Facilities First

Facilities First

Facilities First has grown rapidly. Brilliant Digital created their new website to reflect their purpose, growth and capabilities.

Water Filters Australia

Water Filters Australia

Within a year of starting work with Brilliant Digital, Water Filters Australia’s sales had doubled… and that was only the beginning.

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