Managing Director

Pete Croucher

The success of any business is dependent on strategic vision, an expert team, seamless operations and brilliant marketing… and being able to combine these elements into a cohesive whole is what sets exceptional businesses apart.

As Managing Director at Brilliant Digital, I am always focused on facilitating this cohesion so that we can continue to deliver brilliant outcomes for our clients, all while expanding our business and taking care of our people.

Big-picture thinker

I have always had an innate ability to see the big picture… to see all the moving parts and how they work together. By maintaining this birds-eye perspective, I can identify opportunities for growth, mitigate risks and ‘connect the dots’ by bringing everything together under our broader vision.

I’ve enjoyed over 30 years working with Australian companies where I’ve used this skill to deliver results; turning functional operations into thriving businesses, galvanising teams into action, and bringing out the potential that was previously hidden.

Being able to bring my business development skills into a company I share with my wife and business partner, Deb Croucher, is something I am really proud of. And to see our daughters join the business and really take it to the next level is even more special.

Opportunity seeker

Finding opportunities for growth and seizing them is where I thrive. I love seeing people step out of their comfort zone and challenge themselves and their thinking, and I see it as my job to help them navigate towards these opportunities.

And my role is made so much easier by the Brilliant Digital team of digital marketing experts.

Collaborators by nature, we push each other to reach new heights and really learn from each other. Each one of our team members is a handpicked specialist in their field, so we can give them the freedom to do what they do best and trust that they will deliver amazing results for our clients.

Client advocates

To succeed in today’s world, a creative, responsive website and a winning digital brand strategy are no longer optional. Unless you are an expert in the field yourself, you need an honest, reliable digital marketing company to look after you and your business.

We are so much more than a content marketing agency or a website optimisation company. We really advocate for our clients by offering the total solution… because their success is our success.

Knowing that their marketing strategy and delivery are left to the experts gives them the capacity to get back to doing what they do best!

Shared vision

We really partner with our clients to create a shared vision, where we are invested in their success and committed to helping them achieve it. Our clients come from vastly different industries and each has their own unique pain points, areas of excellence and opportunities for growth.

We take the time to tailor a marketing and digital brand strategy to the needs and goals of their individual business. We’re not interested in a ‘quick fix’…we’re only interested in the long-term success of our customers. We know what will deliver the best results, and we trust our team to do it.

Each of our clients receives the attention of a legion of digital marketing experts including a client manager, content producers, web design and development specialists, photographers, videographers, SEO specialists and more, but we are such a cohesive team.

Unique culture

Respect, kindness, honesty and hard work are at the core of our business and personal lives, and we really trust every member of our team to deliver exceptional results, while embodying these values.

But behind each of these values lies the central tenet of our business: family and flexibility. We know how important time is – for school drop offs, play dates, sports matches – and by offering a family-friendly working environment, we are able to give our team this time… and we receive so much more in return. I am always amazed by the culture we have created and am so proud to be leading such a Brilliant Digital marketing team.

A family man

I’m a family man at heart, so being able to share my work life with my family is very special. I really enjoy preparing a meal and being able to share it with my loved ones, so we can talk about our days and really unwind. It’s that quality time that I value very highly.

I also play the drums, and as I walk towards my drum kit there’s always this moment of unadulterated glee… knowing I’m going to be uninterrupted and can be as loud and sweaty and focused as I like. That’s always going to be a great day.

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