Paras Rajput, Developer

Ever wondered how all of Brilliant Digital’s many websites stay so functional and engaging and responsive?

One of the people to thank is Paras.

He wears many hats: web designer and web developer, and he takes care of all the maintenance work.

Paras has a background in software testing and is an expert in WordPress. This means he’s a great asset for Brilliant Digital.

Paras is extremely proud of his work at Brilliant Digital and is at his happiest when a site that he’s built from scratch goes live to the world.

His passion is learning new things and creating different designs – which is perfect, as Brilliant Digital offers a wide variety of projects and no day is ever the same.

When he’s not writing code or averting technical problems, Paras loves to listen to music and play games and sport. If he wasn’t a web developer, he’d be an artist.

Luckily art’s loss is Brilliant Digital’s gain! And since Paras has joined Brilliant Digital, he feels like he’s brilliant, too. We concur!

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