Pablo Pazos, Senior Project Manager

If Pablo wasn’t a project manager for Brilliant Digital, he could be orbiting the earth in a NASA rocket or negotiating a tricky re-entry into Earth’s atmosphere.

Luckily for Brilliant Digital and our clients, he’s not keen on actually leaving the earth.

Let’s call it a fear of plunging from astronomically dizzying heights. So, his dream of being an astronaut has taken second place to his passion for working in design.

Pablo has a rich and varied career in design for Argentine companies 4D and Pandemia, across all kinds of media and formats.

He loves being part of the Brilliant Digital design team. They have all been working together for such a long time they are a well honed unit and know and trust each other.

Pablo relishes the challenges Brilliant Digital gives him each day that bring out the best in his creativity and project skills. He loves jokes – all sizes, kinds and flavours – quite simply, no joke can ever be silly enough.

And when he’s not making his colleagues chuckle, Pablo is a keen photographer and looks after his little dog. His dog doesn’t want to travel to space either.

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