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Online business marketing is the strategic use of digital technologies to promote your business.

Arguably, the most important tool your business has to showcase its services to the world is its website.

But online business marketing is what helps to get customers beating down your doors, and not your competitors’.

Now, we don’t want to lose you with dry, wordy, mumbo jumbo, so we’re going to try to break it down to help you not only understand what online business marketing is but why it’s so important.

Online business marketing is, simply, electronic marketing, and it encompasses:

  • Email marketing and campaigns
  • Blogs and articles
  • Social media
  • Lead generation/affiliate marketing
  • Advertising
  • Video

But does online business marketing work for all businesses?

And can you use online business marketing to connect with current and potential customers?

Digital marketing is vital for your business, and there are many options and strategies to choose from – giving businesses the chance to get a bit creative with the types of activities that suit best.

At Brilliant Digital it is our mission to demystify the digital marketing tactics that work to build your business and personalise our approach to suit your specific needs.

With the right help and focus, online marketing can be an absolute game changer for your business.

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Integrated digital solutions

At Brilliant Digital, we offer our clients one powerful, complete digital marketing solution.

To get the most out of your online marketing activities, they need to fit into the broader strategic focus that drives your business – both online and offline.

Most businesses will benefit from using a range of digital marketing techniques, and constant refinement of these techniques is necessary to keep pace with changes to your customer persona.

But what is your customer persona?

To reach your target customer you must first define your target audience, and to find your target audience you must first understand the who, what, where, when and how of your ideal customers.

After all, getting your products and services in front of your target audience is the goal, and clever digital marketing is the slam dunk you’ve been searching for.

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Target your market

The role of online marketing is to connect with people interested in your business and to do so in a way that transcends traditional methods.

A targeted approach to marketing is possible when utilising online methods, allowing your business to focus on the audience segment actively seeking what you’re offering.

Targeting saves time and money for your business, helping you to drive better results and generating a better return on investment.

These days it is possible to collate the demographic and even psychographic details of your customer base, thanks to online data.

These details will inform your business of your ultimate customer base, and in turn, determine the direction of your marketing efforts.

There are several ways you can define your target audience, including:

  • Google Analytics
    Provides insight into who visits your website, what they do on your website and when they come to your website. Google Analytics is integral to understanding the conversion and retention of customers in the modern digital age.
  • Market research
    This can be informal or formal, but market research provides insight into your customers’ thinking, buying patterns, likes and dislikes. From online surveys to in-person focus groups, market research is a valuable tool in customer discovery.
  • Industry trends
    Whether you keep track of the movements of industry influencers or subscribe to certain publications, up-to-date industry research is necessary to ensure your online marketing efforts are meeting the needs of your audience.
  • Analyse customer base
    Analysis of your customer base requires qualitative and quantitative research methods to learn more about what makes your customers tick and to use this data to inform your marketing activity.
  • Analyse competitors
    Just like staying on top of industry trends is a good way to gauge overall market movements, analysing the way your competitors are doing business is a sound method for identifying customer segments.

Track your effectiveness

Digital marketing makes it easier to track the effectiveness of your marketing efforts and collate hard data about your customer base and their activities.

For example, an electronic newsletter campaign will report the number of recipients who opened, clicked or deleted the email without reading it – making it simple to determine the usefulness of the campaign.

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Online marketing can also be tracked by:

  • Website analytics
  • Ad network conversions
  • Media monitoring
  • Social media channel statistics
  • Software monitoring tools
  • Automated reports

Businesses engaging in online marketing campaigns of all shapes and sizes should ensure they build reporting into the equation for these strategies, to measure return on investment.

Highly experienced digital experts

Plotting, planning, strategising and carrying out online marketing based on a powerful brand strategy is a specialist field requiring the expertise of robust digital marketing specialists.

At Brilliant Digital we offer our clients full-service digital marketing including:

  • Creating, useful and relevant content
  • Tailored digital advertising services
  • Social media marketing.

This approach combines to provide real business results for your clients.

Our team is on call to assist your business to create, grow and sustain a powerful digital brand.

For targeted online marketing for your business, contact our team today.

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