One Audience - One Voice

In the old days when the initial contact a prospect had with your business was with a person… it was easy to adapt your pitch.

For example an accountant pitching to a start-up about company finances would have conversations about structure and how to set up their Xero account. 

But the same accountant pitching to an established medium sized business going through a growth phase might talk about cash flow management and strategic purchasing.

As the world goes digital, the first ‘conversation’ you have with a prospect is increasingly through your website or social media. I can’t see that trend reversing any time soon.

The up-side of the digital revolution is that you can pitch to thousands of people every month (while you get on with running your business)

The down side is that you can’t change your pitch to suit the prospect like you did in the old days.


Well if you try to make your website appeal to start-ups and medium sized businesses the result will be a watered down compromise that doesn’t connect with either audience.

The design will flat and something neither audience likes. Your language will be wishy washy because you’re trying to cover all bases. And in the end you’ll leave people confused about what you actually do.

To get results through digital media… (and let’s face it unless you get results through digital media you’re going to be dead in the water very soon)…  you need to to talk to one audience in a voice they understand.

You have to choose. Which are more profitable and fun for you? Start-ups or established medium sized businesses?

Choose the one you want to work with and make sure your website and social media talk in a language they understand.

But I want both...

I hear you. You want to work with medium sized businesses… but a few start ups are fun and add variety to the business.

Here’s what you do.

You make sure your website design is exactly what your best medium sized business owner wants to see. If you’re not sure what they like… ask them.

You make sure the home page, about page, team page and pages for medium sized businesses are written in language these clients will understand. You address their problems and offer solutions.

Then you create a section of your site specifically for start-ups – a page just for them written in language they understand.

You do targeted advertising and drive each audience to the page designed specifically for them.

The result…

Your profitable medium sized businesses feel very at home and a steady flow of them come through the door each week helping your bottom line no end.

Nervous start-ups who are not sure what they want feel a bit intimidated and go somewhere else.

And ambitious start-ups who have their act together and aspire to be a great medium sized business one day… will trickle through the door to add a bit of variety to your day!

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