Noelle Reyes, Content Producer

My background is in communications and journalism. I’ve always loved writing of all descriptions.

I like to be challenged creatively, so I enjoy work where the content and writing style change regularly.

Working as a digital content producer with Brilliant Digital gives me that variety with writing blogs, profile pieces, product stories and more for a really diverse array of clients.

Flexibility and culture

I enjoy working with Brilliant Digital because of the flexibility. I can fit work around my life and that keeps me passionate and energised.

Working remotely is perfect for me. I can spend more time doing what I love – writing – instead of sitting in Sydney traffic. Another important feature for me is the work culture.

I’ve never worked within a team that fosters such genuine relationships with both their team members and their clients. I work miles away, and I feel more supported by my Brilliant Digital team than in previous jobs where I’ve been physically present every day.

It’s a very rare thing in this industry and it makes a huge difference as a digital content producer to know your team has your back. Integrity, loyalty and respect are really important to me, so I’m lucky to work with a team of digital marketing experts that shares the same values.

The power of storytelling

Brilliant Digital hits my sweet spot as a writer. As a child, I was always creating stories; I’ve just always wanted to put ideas to paper, and Brilliant Digital allows me to do just that.

Storytelling has an amazing power. Transforming dry text into an engaging story makes such a huge difference in the way people see and understand information. I love that ‘reveal’ factor – a story breathes life into any content.

Storytelling makes absorbing new information fun – for both reader and writer.

I feel very fortunate to be able to do what I love for a living.

When I’m not at work, I’m still writing! It’s an addiction. I’m also a huge nerd. Video games play a big part in my down time, as does cooking. I love food as much as I love writing.

Keeping it fresh

I find rejuvenation in trying new things. Be it a new writing style, new food recipe or a new client at work, I relish new creative challenges and tend to fully immerse myself in each one.

I value feedback – I’m always looking for opportunities to learn, and when a client is happy with my work, that’s the best feeling in the world.

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