Nicole Cubbin, Content Producer

Hi, my name is Nicole, and I’m a Digital Storyteller at Brilliant Digital.

I write content for our clients including blogs, newsletters, and case studies.

A unique way to communicate

My background is in marketing and communications. That’s where my passion for writing has grown from.

I love writing.

I enjoy the challenge of getting a brand message out to people through storytelling. It’s a really unique way to communicate with prospects.

Storytelling is a less direct way of selling – it’s a gentler way to engage with a prospect. It adds a personal touch to marketing and to communicating. And I think that’s why it works so well — everyone loves a story.

Powerful storytelling in action

A lot of clients that we’ve worked with haven’t known the best way to get their business out into the market – digital marketing is a confusing landscape.

Storytelling has allowed them to connect with people that they wouldn’t have otherwise been able to reach. Seeing that in action is fascinating.

At Brilliant Digital we help out clients to tell their stories. About their history… what they can do for clients… about their teams… and they’re seeing results.

The results are in

When I get a good outcome for a client, it’s good to see that positive feedback for them. They see the results in numbers and metrics… but I like to see that what we do works. And it does, storytelling works.

The importance of flexible work

Working flexibly is really important to me because I have three young children. I love being able to work around my commitments and work when it suits me. So that’s fantastic.

And the team is so supportive. You can call anyone on the team and they’ll be happy to talk. We have a Daily Hug which is very entertaining and it’s a great chance for us all to connect.

Passion and integrity

The values that drive me are integrity and honesty. And I’m also passionate about delivering a great outcome for our clients – I’m very results oriented.

Outside of work, my three young children keep me occupied. I spend most of my time with family – it’s full-on but it’s fun. I also love the gym and umpiring netball.

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