Don't be Scared of Niche Marketing

It feels really scary when you first start niche marketing. There’s a fear inside that goes something like this…

What if I miss out on all those valuable opportunities from the people I’m not marketing to?

My response:

What like opportunities to work with small businesses who can’t afford you? Or businesses who are too big for you at the moment? Or people you don’t understand or even like?

Think about it… when you work with people who don’t quite fit your business what happens? Honestly?

I’ll tell you what happens…

The compromise of the generalist

You end up compromising. You undercharge the small client. Or you and your team get stressed out because the job takes a long time to get right and the client gets twitchy. You end up with the client from hell. Your bottom line and reputation suffer.

So why would you even think about marketing to clients you don’t even want?

Let me put it another way.

Let’s have a look at what happens if you identify your ideal client and market to them.

Let’s say you’re an accountant and you want to work service businesses with 5-10 employees.

You create core content on your website which directly addresses the problems owners and managers of medium sized service businesses face. Then you target your digital advertising to owners and managers of medium sized service businesses.

What happens next?

Owners and mangers of medium sized service businesses start to contact you.

You and your team like the new clients and know and understand how to help them. You do an amazing job. You deliver quick results that benefit their business. The work is profitable and fun.

Morale and your bottom line improve. Your reputation builds as an expert in that niche. Word spreads. More of the same type of client contact you.

You decide you can start to creep your prices up… and book a holiday with the family.

The opportunity that follows

An unexpected thing usually happens once your reputation gets more and more solid.

After a while the big guys start to notice you… and at some stage you’ll be contacted by a client who is much bigger than you generally work with but presents a new opportunity.

So what do you do then?

Your choice. Take the step up or not… either way it’s a nice problem to have!

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