Mobile PPC

Mobile PPC is the focus for everyone in the online advertising world this year.  Smartphones and tablets are an integral part of daily life but as one gets bigger and the other gets smaller, it’s hard to know what to target to where!

Google Adwords enhancements now give us the flexibility to target our market based on context.  Instead of setting up separate campaigns for mobile, tablet and desktop, you set up one campaign and assign ads to being “mobile preferred”. You can then adjust bids according to what is working on which device.

Mobile PPC Strategy

PPC is no longer just a case of uploading a few paid ads to Adwords and watching the clicks come in.

Mobile searchers have very different intentions to desktop searchers and your campaigns need to address this.

Google defines a mobile device as one being used by a person who is out and about as opposed to at home.

So your “mobile preferred” ads need to target people on the move, those close to your business, those who might be enticed to walk in your door!


Landing pages are the key to conversion.  Don’t send someone from a mobile PPC ad to a large content filled webpage.  Send them to a mobile page.  A mobile page should be simple, effective and to the point.

If you’re advertising an offer, show it on the landing page!  The key to conversion is to get your customer as close to the checkout as possible whether it be online or in your shop.

What Else?

Google’s enhancements go way beyond changing BIDs for mobile.  You can now also:

  • Set bids by location – you might bid higher for a city you see more conversions from.
  • See click activity for individual sitelinks, not just the sitelink group.
  • Schedule ad extensions – like turning off phone numbers when the office is closed.

At BBIM we work with closely with clients to develop a PPC strategy as part of their overall digital marketing solution to help their business fly!

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